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Hindsight Is 20/20

Hindsight Is 20/20
Steve Dusek President & CEO Dakota Business Lending

Contributed By Dakota Business Lending
Photo by Hillary Ehlen

They say that “hindsight is 20/20”, and there could not be a better phrase to describe this past year. Looking back at 2020, there may be some things we could have done differently, some things we see in a whole new light, and even some things we wish we could try again. Whatever the case, many of us see and know much more now than we did just twelve months ago.

So, what do we do with this hindsight information? Like the end of any year, it is time to look back, reflect and pick apart some of those lessons we have learned that will help us have 20/20 vision moving forward. Here’s just a few that our team will be bringing with us into 2021:

1. Focus on What You Know

When we woke up on January 1, 2020, we had no idea that this year was going to take us by storm… a storm filled with challenges, obstacles and so many unknowns. But if there is one thing we have learned, it is how to make decisions in the midst of those unknowns as best as we can. By focusing on what we know at the time and making more frequent short-term decisions, we have been able to navigate these uncharted waters one step at a time.

2. Adapt. Adapt. And Adapt Some More

Making decisions in the midst of the unknowns is one thing, but facing the changes that come with it can be even harder to navigate. It seems like every day brought a new challenge this past year, forcing us to shift the way we do things and change our plans over and over. And just when it seemed like we may be starting to gain some ground and find some stability, something changed and we were forced to adapt… again. We have all grown in our ability to adapt this year and learned just how critical it is to stay on your toes, especially in unprecedented times such as these.

3. Take It One Day at a Time

2020 brought something new every single day. Whether its new updates, new regulations, or new changes, this uncertainty and instability can be exhausting. Our team has learned to focus on these things as they come and take them one day at a time, providing us the space needed to adapt and make any necessary changes along the way.

4. We Are All in This Together

Regardless of the current situation and any challenges and unknowns it may bring, 2020 has proven to our team, our community, and our state that we truly are “all in this together.” Knowing that we are not alone and that we can depend on one another for support and guidance provides us great comfort and pride as we move forward into a new year… together.

No matter what 2021 may bring, we believe that the lessons we have learned throughout this past year provide great value as we prepare for the coming year. We hope that, like us, your team takes the time to sit down and reflect on what hindsight 2020 may have brought for you and use it to move forward better and stronger than ever before. And remember, we are #InThisTogetherND.

Written by Steve Dusek

Steve Dusek is the president and CEO of Dakota Business Lending. He has over twenty-eight years of experience in managing and delivering non-traditional lending solutions for small business in rural America and in maintaining successful business cultures.

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