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10 Lessons Fargo Brewing Company’s Aaron Hill Learned Working As A Diamond Supervisor For The Fargo Park District

Aaron Hill

First Job: Diamond Supervisor for the Fargo Park District

Current Job: Managing Partner, Fargo Brewing Company

1. I learned a lot about the rules of baseball.

2. I learned how to be a coworker and “team member”.

3. I learned how to take constructive feedback.

4. I learned how to work with the public (coaches, parents, kids).

5. I learned valuable coaching skills.

6. I learned how to set up basebal fields.

7. I learned the value of a dollar and earning for myself.

8. I learned how to create schedules and organize events.

9. I learned a lot about how the recreation department at the park district works.

10. I learned that sunscreen is very important.

Written by Brady Drake

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