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Whether you’re a founder looking for an affordable first office space or a small business that doesn’t need a whole building to yourself, South Fargo’s Regus might be the place for you. With numerous space and setup options, 24/7 key-fob access, and a variety of perks, the flexible-workspace provider gives Fargo-area businesspeople an alternative to home offices, coffee shops and hotel lobbies.

Area Manager Beth Reich recently gave us a tour of the center and filled us in on all the amenities that Regus offers its tenants.

Regus At A Glance

• Fargo location opened May 2015
• 3,000 Centers worldwide
• Centers in 900 cities
• Locations in 120 countries
• Founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989
• 6,500 employees

Beth Reich: “When someone comes in, we greet them at the front desk and handle them however our clients want us to. If they want the visitor to have a seat and then have us give them a call, we can do that. We have others who ask us to text them because they don’t want to be interrupted by the phone ringing.

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

“We offer those kinds of services because small companies just starting out can’t always afford a receptionist. We offer it in addition to the office, and then the administrative services are as you need us.”

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Reich: “These are our Thinkpods, and they’re for when we have clients come in from outlying centers. As an example, we have 14 centers in the Twin Cities, and if anybody from those centers comes here, they can just sit in these for free for the day.

“That’s one of the perks of membership is that you get space at all of our locations and discounted rates if you need office space at another location of ours. Also, if you need to go somewhere for meetings or just for the day, you can also get discounts on day offices.”

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Reich: “This space here is our smallest. Most of them are a little bigger. On a one-year agreement, this one is $299 per month. Our month-to-month agreements are a little bit more expensive, but you automatically get a 10 percent discount when you sign for a year and a 15 percent discount when you sign for two years.

“Another thing to mention is that we have a shared printer, and it does anything from scanning to faxing to colored copies. We’ve made booklets for clients. That’s one of the things clients can add on if they want. Though, of course, some people like having their own printer in their office.”

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Reich: “We see a little bit of everything—tech startups, massage therapists, counselors. We have a lot of companies that are brand new. We just walked by a gal whose first official day of business was March 1.

“We’re great for anything because we have flexible agreements anywhere from month-to-month up to two years. We’re similar to the Prairie Den (coworking space in Downtown Fargo) but totally different at the same time.”

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Some Other Perks: • All utilities included; • Furniture included; • Cleaning services; • Phone answering; • Seasonal administrative services—e.g., handwritten Christmas cards

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Reich: “We even offer build-outs for tenants who know that, in time, they’ll want to take up an entire corner of the building. And then if they want to put in their own door to the outside, that’s an option as well. We can do all kinds of different things. It all depends on what clients want.”

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Reich: “We do some decorating to give people an idea of what somebody could do with their office, and then if somebody wanted it just like this, they can keep it as-is. Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

“We have a lot of people who have even asked us to decorate their office for them, and they just give us a budget. We find out what they like, and we help them in any way, shape or form that we can.”

Reich: “This is the largest windowed office we offer. The square footage on this room is 115, where the smallest option is 70.”

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Reich: “When someone moves in, they can reorganize however they want. We have one lady who has two huge, comfy chairs and a tiny desk because of what she does. She’s a counselor.

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

“Another thing to mention is that, because we have so many people who come through here, if somebody’s siting up front, you have no idea why they’re here. It keeps everything super private and confidential for all our clients, and they love that.”

Reich: “We have a full kitchen area, and we do take care of all the dishes. And for our clients who don’t want to have to leave the building to go get coffee, we offer a coffee program as well.

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

“This is also where we host our monthly networking events. Afterward, people can leave business cards, and we’ll leave them out for a while for others to take.”

Office Vibes Regus - Fargo INC

Reich: “We don’t just do offices. We do virtual offices, too. If somebody absolutely loves their home office, we can give them a business address, a space to come in and meet with clients, and a mailing address.”

If you’d like to learn more or inquire about physical or virtual office space:

Beth Reich
Regus – Fargo
3523 45th St. S, #100, Fargo

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