Internet Provider: Jessica Costello & Bob Bartelt, Midco

Written by: Fargo Inc

Midco is the leading provider of reliable, high-speed internet via fiber and fixed wireless technology. The company also delivers TV services including Midco Sports, phone services, data center and advertising services, and wholesale networking solutions.

What began as a movie theater company in 1931 has evolved over the past 90 years to ensure its products and services align with customers’ wants and needs. Providing exceptional customer experience is what sets them apart from the competition. Today, they serve over 480,000 homes and businesses in not only North Dakota and Minnesota, but in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

In addition to providing a superior network and an exceptional customer experience, Midco is also a force for good in the communities they serve. They provide financial sponsorship to many local nonprofits and community events in the region, in addition to providing funding to charitable entities. Between sponsorships and grants, Midco makes more than $6 million in charitable donations per year.

4950 13th Ave S, Suite #17
Fargo, ND 58103


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