Faces Of Fargo Business: Max Kringen

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

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We like to think of the Fargo business community as a giant puzzle and the people who comprise it as the different but equally essential pieces. Take one person, one company, or one industry away, and the picture becomes incomplete. Faces of Fargo Business is our chance to piece that puzzle together each month and celebrate the countless people who make this such a great place to work.

Founder & CEO of Tellwell

Two years ago, Tellwell was born over a beer among three friends with a passion for storytelling. Today, it’s still a group of friends with a passion for storytelling (who occasionally have bright ideas over beers, too).

CEO Max Kringen and his team are a group of designers, writers, videographers and other media-makers—all with a goal of creating quality materials that tell their clients’ stories. Their work has taken them everywhere from website refreshes to video to blog creation—for a variety of clients around the nation.

Most recently, they launched Tellwell for Good, an initiative that pairs storytelling with a passion for supporting local nonprofits and for-good companies. This resulted in creating winning Giving Hearts Day campaigns that celebrated the good work being done in FM community.

Kringen says the past year has been a year of growth for his company, including the hiring of five new employees and a brand new space (right in the heart of Downtown)—complete with bright walls and beanbags, earning it the nickname “The Millennial Cave.”

In the years to come, Tellwell will continue to build on the mission that was the first seed of Tellwell years ago: to tell the meaningful stories of their community and to tell them well.

Check them out at WeTellWell.com

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