10 Things You Should Know About Kinetic Leasing

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In 2018, Kinetic Leasing will hit $1 billion of new equipment financed in company history. The Fargo-based business, which was founded nearly 20 years ago and does business is 46 states, is a general-equipment financing company that finances everything from farm and construction equipment to golf carts to the electronic scoreboard of the Texas Rangers.

The Process

It’s a three-way circle between Kinetic Leasing, the vendor/dealer and the customer. The customer selects the equipment they want, and Kinetic works with them and the vendor/dealer to structure a deal and put the transaction together. When the customer is ready, Kinetic buys the equipment from the vendor/dealer and then works solely with the customer on the payment.

  1. Select Your Equipment
  2. Complete A Simple Application: 
    It’s free, and you are under no obligation.
  3. Speak with a Consultant: 
    A Kinetic Leasing consultant will contact you to discuss your equipment financing options and will answer any questions you may have.
  4. Receive Your Credit Approval
  5. Send Kinetic Leasing the Seller’s Invoice
  6. Sign the Finance Agreement
  7. Receive Your Equipment: 
    Upon acceptance of the financing agreement, Kinetic Leasing issues payment to the vendor. They’ll ship the equipment to you or you can pick it up. Once the equipment is in your possession, your contract with Kinetic Leasing begins.
  8. Pay Your Invoices
  9. Pay Off Your Contract

Type of Equipment Leased

  • Manufacturing 4%
  • Construction 30%
  • Agriculture 7%
  • Other 14%
  • Office/Computers 5%
  • Real Estate 18%
  • Transportation 22%

10 Things to Know About Kinetic Leasing

1. $5,000 – $5,000,000

Houkum: “There are certain leasing companies that don’t want to deal with small transactions. We’ve set up different departments that handle $5,000 transactions and other ones that are bigger. We do a wide range. No request is left unturned.”

Kinetic Leasing
Anthony Houkom is the Senior Vice President of Kinetic Leasing in Fargo.

2.  New and Used Equipment of All Types

Hintz: “We’re generalists that do all types of equipment. For example, John Deere Credit does John Deere equipment. We don’t tie ourselves to any type of equipment. We’ll do medical, computers, tractors, combines, ambulances, buses, whatever. We work with any type of customer.”

3. Flexible Payment Structures

Hintz: “Maybe every six months, you have a lot of money, and you want to make a $30,000 payment, and then other months you make a $5,000 payment. A bank would say, ‘We don’t know how to put that payment schedule in our system.’ We are flexible when bigger organizations can’t do that.”

Kinetic Leasing
Al Hintz is the President of Kinetic Leasing in Fargo.

4. 100% Financing

Houkum: “No money down. Traditional bank financing requires 25 percent down. Financing gives the option of keeping that capital for operations or anything else, so you don’t need to put that money down.”
100% financing

5. Fast Approvals

Hintz: “It’s purely credit-based. If your credit score is 802 and you’re in business for three to five years, you’re approved. It’s that fast.”

6. Nationwide

Currently do business in 46 states

7. A, B and C Credits Accepted

Houkum: “That’s a variation of credit quality that is done in the market. Some people are just C lenders. A lot of businesses are A lenders. We set up pricing programs where we do the wide spectrum, mitigating our risk. But we do anything from C to A credit.”

8. Application-Only Financing up to $250,000

Houkum: “That’s part of the fast approvals part. It’s basically: credit score, time and business, and number of employees. It’s pretty simple. There’s just an application to fill out, and we’ll pull the reports. It can be a couple, three hours.”

9. Top 100 Equipment Financing Company in the U.S.

10. Traction Implementers

Hintz: “About three years ago, we started using ‘Traction.’ It really comes back to the right people in the right place doing the right thing. Interestingly, over the last few years, we’ve focused on that and had our peers evaluate each other. We’ve had people leave us because they were not the right people in the right place doing the right thing. Today, we have the best environment.”

Kinetic Leasing

2575 41st. S #1, Fargo, ND

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