Fargo INC!’s Ladybosses of 2021

Written by: Ladyboss Lifestyle

Each month, we work with Ladyboss Midwest, a local organization with the goal of leaving a legacy of connection between empowered women in the Midwest while creating lasting change, to highlight just one of the many empowered and confident women in the community.

Here is a look back at these great women that were highlighted in our magazine in 2021.

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Dr. Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Transitioning from dentistry to being a full-time blogger and influencer wasn’t the path that many expected Dr. Wasifa Ahmad Hasan to take. Against all odds, she speaks to her success on the big change, living with chronic illness and Ladybosses joining forces this year. Dr. Wasifa features and reviews makeup, skin and hair care products, writing for publications including Area Woman Magazine and Fargo Mom. She believes that women need to believe in themselves and stop competing with each other. Rather, helping in a supportive and meaningful way is the key to ensuring that Ladybosses can grow and thrive together.


Saree Reveling

As a full-time mother with an extensive resume and workload, Reveling is no stranger to stress and how to deal with it. As the director of Fit Elements Women’s Fitness Club, a hypnotherapist, Master Reiki teacher and Core Passion Facilitator, Reveling focuses on improving the mental, physical and spiritual health of herself and others. To Reveling, being a Ladyboss “means being connected to some of the most growth-minded, forward-thinking women in our area.


Ellie Maher

Once beginning as a tattoo studio receptionist, Ellie Maher strived for greater accomplishments. Although it didn’t come without hard work, Maher is now the proud owner of Tailwind Tattoo alongside her husband. With over twenty years of experience, Maher is focused on delivering a deeply personal experience with her clients, as she works directly with them and their art ideas. With the statistics showing that female tattoo artists now outnumber male artists, Maher has her own opinion for why that may be. She believes that it’s because female artists are training other females. It’s a perfect example of Ladybosses supporting Ladybosses.


Indira Kovaci

Indira Kovaci may have started her business through a Craigslist advertisement, but she’s come a long way. Now, as the owner of PrimRose Boutique and Allora Salon & Suites alongside her husband, she’s focused on inspiring and being inspired by those around her. While the pandemic was financially worrisome for many business owners, Kovaci is beyond thankful for those that assisted her and her business. Taking time for herself, self-care and improving her network are just a few of the many celebrations she’s been making lately.


Kayla Goebel

Kayla Goebel is no stranger to change. After getting hooked on her first Crossfit workout over six years ago, she noticed some groups of people absent from the workouts. Looking to create a more cost-friendly, all-inclusive environment, she opened Strong Roots. Advertised as “a small gym with a big mission,” she has always encouraged staying connected and social with one another both in and out of the workouts. Promoting inclusivity, accessibility and her community, Goebel is sure to inspire others for years to come.


Andrea Jang

Andrea Jang is no stranger to taking on new obstacles and challenges. In 2015, she was awarded the City of Fargo Human Relations Commission Human Relations Award for her monumental work with low-income individuals, at-risk and minority populations and many others. As the owner of Duluth Mom for nearly three years, Jang created something that other Ladybosses could look towards and be inspired by while also inspiring her.


Allison Lunde

As the owner of and only designer and employee at Floret & Foliage, Allison Lunde most certainly has a busy schedule. Having always been surrounded by flower and landscape design, Lunde developed such a strong love for floral design that she decided to open her own floral shop. What sets her apart from the rest of the pack is her dedication to sustainability and recyclable items.


Jackie Maahs

After ten years in the recycling and sustainability industries, Jackie Maahs turned her passion into a career, making concrete planters, caring for plants and connecting with others in the F-M area through her business, The Plant Supply. Maahs prioritizes care for herself, other businesswomen and spreading knowledge of the business industry to others, all while improving the F-M area one plant at a time.


Kelci Boniface

Kelci Boniface, a mother of two, creates success out of chaos. She’s owned The Black Frame Boutique for twelve years but has now taken it out of the basement and made it a full-time job in West Fargo. Now, inspired by her children, she lives a different kind of “day job” that she looks forward to every day. Learning to manage expectations, emphasize self-care in her life and supporting other women continue to be important parts of her routine.


Grace Heinen

As the proud owner of CreatedxGrace, Grace Heinen is proving that age is just a number. At the young age of only twenty years old, Heinen is a self-starter who began her very own successful Etsy shop filled with creative knots. Making these knots are just one of the many forms of self-care that she practices. While it may have been hard to get off the ground, Grace is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. According to her, being a Ladyboss “means you’re always up for a challenge and are willing to put in the hard work, even if it’s outside your comfort zone.”


Katie Anderson

As an agent for New York Life, Katie Anderson has a passion for insurance on a personal level. After earning her MBA, she strives to help other families grow and encourages mindful financial decisions. Two of the most important aspects of insurance to her are knowing what you have as well as knowing what you want out of your insurance for you and your family. These two mindful tips aren’t only notable: they’re essential. As she emphasizes self-care alongside her work-life balance, she has built and established her practice to levels higher than ever before. The process didn’t, and still doesn’t, come without endless challenges, yet she looks forward to helping families and educating them every day.

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