Faces Of Fargo Business: Mona Tedford Rindy and Jayne Gust

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

We like to think of the Fargo business community as a giant puzzle and the people who comprise it as the different but equally essential pieces. Take one person, one company, or one industry away, and the picture becomes incomplete. Faces of Fargo Business is our chance to piece that puzzle together each month and celebrate the countless people who make this such a great place to work.

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Mona Tedford Rindy

Region Manager, Bremer Wealth Management

Mona Tedford Rindy

What she does…

It has been over 30 years since I started this career. In the old days we were known as “trust officers;” today we are wealth advisors, since clients wanted fiduciary management of their investment accounts and IRAs, as well as trusts. Now the bulk of our business is investment management for individuals and non-profits, as well as administration of 401Ks and ESOPs.

The worst piece of advice she’s received…

“You should have a five-year plan.” Granted, this advice was given back in the 90s when time moved more slowly. Instead, I think it is vital to be engaged and always learning and open to new ideas and opportunities—who knows where they may lead? Having a specific five-year plan could be too confining.

What the local business community to can do to help her organization…

There are so many business and personal financial strategies of which people are simply unaware that could be so beneficial to them. Embrace the concept of “I don’t know what I don’t know” and be open to learning about what you don’t know!

Who has contributed to her success…

Two managers, actually. My manager from many years ago who took everything in stride and let us manage our own work, as well as a present-day manager who listens, responds, encourages and supports. I’ll bet these two people have no idea how much of an impact they have had on me. Never underestimate the influence you may exert, even (or especially) unintentionally.

What characteristic she thinks every leader should have…

Humility. That it’s not about them—it’s about removing roadblocks for their people. We should be servant leaders.

The leader she’s paying attention to currently…

President Anne Blackhurst of MSUM. She has a quiet charisma that has captivated the campus and community, which I find fascinating.

Jayne Gust

Senior Public Affairs Specialist, Sanford Health

Jayne Gust

What she does…

I have worked for Sanford for over 12 years. I transitioned to the Public Affairs team in March of 2011. When I started in the Public Affairs department, I was responsible for community relationships with a focus on women and children, both of which are extremely important to me as a mom of four amazing children. I would say today I still spend a lot of my energies on the same areas; however, it is ever changing and the need to connect with many others is important to fully understand our community.

What keeps her up at night…

Truth is, most nights I sleep pretty well as I try to leave it “all on the court” so to speak. But there are times where I wonder if I did enough…prayed enough…loved husband and kids enough…served and made a difference in our community enough…represented Sanford’s values in partnership and collaboration enough?

What her “why” is…

One of my top five strengths is “Belief.” Without my own personal belief in the work I do, I wouldn’t be able to do it each and every day. My “why” is that I truly believe that Sanford Health is a wonderful healthcare organization that is made up of some of the most heroic and dedicated people. I am lucky enough to be on the team and represent Sanford in various ways, but truly, our front line staff are the people who show up each day to give selflessly of their time and expertise in order to help people, whether it be a baby in the womb…or who was just born, through all of the various stages of life…to someone at the end of a long life. Collectively, we have the ability to serve others, and I am thankful I can be a very small part in it all in helping others learn about Sanford and all we have to offer them and their families.

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