Erik Hatch Wants to Make a Difference in the World by Supporting This Nonprofit

Written by: Brady Drake

In a world constantly seeking inspirational figures and transformative leaders, there is Erik Hatch. As the founder of Hatch Realty and Hatch Coaching, Erik is all about helping people. However, those efforts don’t stop with his business. Erik is also a very strong supporter of one particular nonprofit in the metro.

Did You Know?

Erik Hatch is the author of two books: “The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint” and “Play For The Person Next To You”

What do you support?


“Supporting Unseen has been a transformative experience for us. Unseen is a local nonprofit that works to tirelessly combat human trafficking and its root causes. Over 50 million individuals, including an estimated 10 million children, are trafficked across the globe today—that’s not okay.”

“Unseen’s approach resonates deeply with our commitment to social responsibility. As a nonprofit, they focus on accelerating the growth of antitrafficking organizations, addressing not only the immediate challenges of human trafficking but also its underlying causes.”

“Our businesses exist to serve people exceedingly well and eradicating human trafficking is something I’m wickedly passionate about. This is a global crisis that needs intervention if we want the world to be the place we want it to be.”

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