Brite-Way Celebrating 50 Years of Clean Windows

Written by: Josiah Kopp

The ‘Company with the Little Red Trucks’ Ready for the Next Chapter

The Red River Valley is no stranger to wind, dust, and dirt—but neither is Brite-Way. Founded in 1973 by Duane Keller in Fargo, Brite-Way Window Cleaning has established itself as a prominent leader in the local window cleaning industry. When some of his friends started their own window cleaning businesses, Keller was inspired to kickstart his own—and Brite-Way was born.

Duane Keller poses next to one of his Brite-Way cleaning trucks in October of 2000

With the help of early mentor and fellow industry professional Russ Rigdon, Keller was given the tools and knowledge needed to get started—and the company became an instant success. Under Keller’s vision and leadership, Brite-Way quickly built a reputation for quality service, affordability, and efficiency, securing a loyal customer base that includes many of its initial clients to this day. Today, Brite-Way has grown to a team of 22 service vehicles and serves a wide area that includes the Fargo–Moorhead region, Detroit Lakes area, Wahpeton, Fergus Falls, Mayville, and several other communities in the Red River Valley. Every step of the way, Keller’s commitment to safety, integrity, and professional standards has remained a cornerstone of Brite-Way’s operations.

Keller credits the company’s success to its dedicated and highly trained employees. “We believe in safety first, and we provide monthly training for our employees,” Keller said, emphasizing the importance of a well-equipped and knowledgeable team. Brite-Way’s adherence to stringent employment standards, including thorough background checks, ensures the company maintains a high level of integrity during every service appointment. Being fully insured and bonded, Brite-Way stands as a dependable service provider in the industry.

Why being a member of the IWCA matters

As a member of the International Window Cleaning Association, BriteWay is committed to safety, integrity, and professional standards.

Second to None in the Industry

Brite-Way cleaning the windows at Hector Int’l Airport

When the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) was founded in 1989 by industry professionals in Texas, it became a significant milestone for Keller and Brite-Way, offering more resources, and educating and assisting its members in developing professionalism, ethics and standards of safety, and to actively represent the concerns and interests of window cleaning companies,” according to its website. Keller participates in IWCA’s annual conventions, benefiting from the global networking and learning opportunities the association offers.

One of Brite-Way’s most impressive recognitions, however, is being one of the top 1% of window cleaning businesses nationwide, according to IWCA data. “We have been very fortunate to be located in a fast growing and progressive area like Fargo-Moorhead,” Keller said. The company’s success can also be attributed to its unique culture, which fosters self-management and teamwork among employees. “My job is to get out of the way and let them do their work,” Keller said, highlighting his trust in his team’s capabilities.

Brite-Way’s emphasis on quality service is rooted in Keller’s belief that the most important person is the one immediately in front of you, whether it’s an employee, a customer, or a stranger on the street. This philosophy, in conjunction with the dedication of its employees, has propelled Brite-Way to its esteemed position in the window cleaning industry, giving Brice Neisen a solid foundation to build upon in the years ahead.

Passing on the Baton: Brice’s Story

Brice Neisen

Brice Neisen’s journey with Brite-Way began in 2007; seeking a steady job without the need for travel, Neisen was encouraged by a friend and former coworker to apply to Brite-Way. At the time, the company was relatively small, with a team of less than 10 fulltime window cleaners. His decision to join was influenced by Brite-Way’s employee-centric approach, a mutual trust between the company and its employees that promised fair pay, a consistent job, and a flexible schedule.

This approach at Brite-Way has not only fostered a stable and enjoyable working environment for Neisen but also led him to encourage friends to join the team, many of whom remain with the company today. For Neisen, the presence of friends and family at Brite-Way added to the enjoyment and strong internal structure.

However, Neisen’s path to his current role was not one he initially anticipated. “I didn’t intend to or foresee owning a part of Brite-Way,” he admitted His experience in various roles, from handyman to semi-driver to concrete pouring, equipped him with diverse skills and a deep understanding of customer expectations and business ownership.

“Ironically, all of those dirty jobs actually helped me in the window cleaning business. Besides learning how to use equipment that I would end up needing to operate within this business, I learned a lot about the expectations of a customer and a business owner,” Neisen said. “I’ll admit, there was a hiccup early on when I got fired from my first job for accidentally breaking a picture frame at a customer’s place. It was a tough lesson in the importance of honesty and trust, both personally and professionally. But it taught me a valuable lesson that I’ve carried with me since. At Brite-Way, we’ve built our systems on a foundation of transparency and honesty, which has helped us earn the trust of both our customers and our team.”

As Brice Neisen takes the reins of Brite-Way, his aim for the company and its operations is all about BriteWay’s mission statement: What’s good for our customers is good for our crew and good for Briteway. “I’m always on the lookout for ways to make our customers’ experience better, whether it’s making it easier to book appointments or improving the quality of our work,” he said. “And it all starts with our crews—if they aren’t happy, our customers won’t be either.”

With Neisen stepping up to the plate, Keller acknowledges his gratitude toward the relationship the two have formed over the years and knows he is leaving the future of Brite-Way in good hands. “I was fortunate to hire Brice. I am where Brite-Way has been; Brice is where Brite-Way is going,” Keller said. “The truth is, I could not have done what Brice has done for BriteWay. It has been a great business and continues to grow.”

Did You Know?

In addition to commercial window cleaning, Brite-Way also offers residential window cleaning and gutter cleaning.

50 Years of Business: Keys to Success

With over 50 years in business, Keller and Neisen have picked up their fair share of lessons and have been able to pass on some wisdom along the way…

“What has been the cornerstone of our business’ success over the past five decades? Consistency. We’ve built our reputation on being reliable—always there when you need us,” Neisen said. “Whether it’s a last-minute request or a scheduled service, you can trust us to deliver. Our commitment to accommodating our clients’ needs sets us apart. So, when graduation season rolls around next spring and you’re looking to have your windows sparkling clean, rest assured, we’ll be here for you.”

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire Window Cleaners who are IWCA members

1. IWCA members have access to the latest equipment, techniques, and developments in the industry to beautify and maintain the asset value of your property.

2. IWCA members receive updates and support on the latest changes to federal regulations, assuring compliance, and reducing liability and risk to property owners.

3. IWCA members have access to the most comprehensive training program in the world.

Monthly Facebook Giveaways: Engaging Our Community!

“Every month during our busiest periods, we like to give back to our residential customers through Facebook and Instagram. It’s pretty cool—we offer a free exterior window cleaning or gutter cleaning service to one lucky winner. We’ve been doing this consistently since we first started on Facebook, and we’re committed to keeping it going.” – Brice Neisen

Hear from these Happy Clients

“We have used Brite-Way for years and have always had excellent results while being treated professionally. Most recently, we had Brite-Way clean our interior windows, and they did such a great job of not disturbing our home while doing an impeccable job on the windows. Trusting a company inside our home is important to us!” Karen Offutt

“I have been doing business with Duane at Brite-Way for over 40 years. When Duane started out, he showed up at my house with a bucket, a squeegee, and a ladder. I have watched his business grow over the years from one guy with a bucket to what it is today. Duane also cleans the windows in all of our businesses in the area. We have had a great business relationship over the years, and with the continued growth of Brite-Way, we will continue to have Duane clean our windows in our lakes country homes as well.” Randy Thorson

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