AdShark Has a Passion for These 6 Nonprofits

Written by: Brady Drake

AdShark is a marketing team dedicated to helping customers through performance driven marketing. Some of their services include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and web design.

What do you support?


“Our team loves competing in the adaptive sled hockey tournament every year, and it gave us a profound sense of appreciation for the great work that HOPE Inc. does to provide all kids a chance to compete in sports. With many of our team members having a background in athletics, we know how valuable the life lessons that come from youth sports can be.”

Hope Blooms

“We have both volunteered with Hope Blooms and helped with their website needs. This organization exists to spread happiness—and as (aspiring) happiness spreaders ourselves, it is an organization that is perfectly aligned with ours.”

Great Plains Food Bank

“Our team loves volunteering with Great Plains Food Bank (GPFB) and helping prepare dry goods and additional food needs for shelters across the region. GPFB is a Fargo-based business that aims to have a bigger impact across the region and nation—and we can always get behind that.”

American Advertising Federation of North Dakota (AAF-ND)

“We have been a proud sponsor of this organization for the past three seasons, and have had multiple team members serve on their board of directors. As advertisers ourselves, we will naturally always be in support of an organization that looks to connect and advocate on behalf of advertisers in our state.”


“We have loved supporting Eventide with marketing help, volunteers, guest speakers, and sponsorship. It’s a great not-for-profit in our community that provides a really important service to seniors in Fargo-Moorhead (and beyond). Our love for seniors across the team is huge, so the entire staff appreciates how we support this group.”


“We’ve always admired what Folkways has done for our community. When they launched their ‘Creatorship’ program, however, we were even more excited to find a way to support! This program provides students with an opportunity to be content creators, and as a social media agency, it is perfectly aligned with our organization.”

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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.