Tyler Holland is Working to Drive Community Impact

Written by: Brady Drake

Tyler Holland is the chief culture officer for Great Plains Transport Inc., a company with 250 trucks, 300 trailers, and 300 employees.

“The biggest reason I was excited to do this article is because I wanted to shed a light on the fact that it doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference,” Holland said. “I know that we are very fortunate and that being in a company with 200-plus people gives us the platform to give back and make a difference, but when a lot of people are doing even just a little bit, you can get a lot accomplished. Plus, who doesn’t feel good about giving back?”

What do you support?

The United Way

“We first did their school supply drive a few years ago and it really opened me up to see the potential to make an impact I had at Great Plains Transport. With the size of our organization, even if we get just 10-20% participation, we can make a big impact. The next thing we did was their workplace campaign— this year, we were able to be on the speaking panel for their training they put on. We’ve also sponsored a hole in their kid’s charity golf tournament and we were also a sponsor of their Community Kickoff Event.”

“We really like that they work to help those that are less fortunate in our community. We like that the focus is on homelessness and food insecurity.”

“Another awesome thing for our business, which has employees all over the country, is that they can give dollars to the United Way and designate their donation so that it goes to a chapter of the organization that is near them.”

“Ultimately, we love The United Way and we are so honored to have been nominated for their 2023 Rising Star Award.”


Hope Inc.

“Hope Inc. provides sport and recreation for individuals and families with mobility challenges. Throughout the year, we will sponsor a couple of teams to play sled hockey, adaptive basketball, and softball.”


Nexus PathLuther Hall

“Luther Hall is a residential treatment facility for adolescents, ages 11 to 17. They’re usually there for about 9 to 12 months on average and it has 24- hour supervision. I started there out of college and worked there for about seven years. So, it’s got a pretty special place in my heart, knowing what these kids go through and the help they need. You try and provide just a glimmer of hope for them. With a little bit of work and showing that they have support and care, they can just live a positive life for themselves.”

“Over the last three years, we raised enough money to sponsor all the kids during the holidays and get everything on their wish lists. We even raised enough money last year to refurbish their family visitation room.”


BIO Girls

“My wife works at BIO Girls and they’re a great organization. BIO Girls in on a mission to improve the self-esteem in adolescent girls through empowerment of self and service to others. Great Plains has helped support their mission by volunteering to pack supplies to be distributed to their various sites.”


Great Plains Transport

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