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January 2017 business events calendar

January 3 A Preview of the Legislative Sessions Tuesday, 7:30 - 9

Writen by Fargo Inc Staff Fargo Inc Staff

Event Preview: GameChanger Ideas Festival

The GameChanger Ideas Festival is an opportunity for North Dakotans to take

Writen by Fargo Inc Fargo Inc

How The BNG Team Cultivates Culture

BNG wanted to provide for and reward their employees for their excellent

Writen by Nolan Schmidt Nolan Schmidt

How North Dakota Brings Crops To The World

Watne, one of the speakers for the upcoming Cultivate Conference, believes that

Writen by Kara Lidberg Kara Lidberg


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Vote Yes for Fargo Public Schools

FMWF Chamber President & CEO Craig Whitney urges readers to continue supporting the unique and innovative public-school system in Fargo on March 7.

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Women You Should Know: Yvette Reyes, Owner, FM Aerial & Movement Arts

A first-generation American growing up in rural Minnesota, a female welder working the night shift, a Fargo transplant, a young entrepreneur trying to establish a new business during the COVID-19

Brady Drake

Initializing Reality In Focus With Be More Colorful Cofounders Matt And Katie Chaussee

Creating entire worlds within the 360-degree images, Be More Colorful is bringing the visionary advances of VR to the frameworks of conventional platforms.

Fargo Inc Staff