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Written by: Josiah Kopp

Why local businesses sponsor WE FEST

We Fest offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your brand to a wide audience. WE Fest is unique when it comes to sponsors. Unlike other festivals that offer prebuilt sponsorship packages, WE Fest offers customized packages tailored to the sponsor’s objectives. This approach ensures a better experience for the sponsors and encourages growth by treating every partnership as a connection. In many ways, WE Fest is like a family reunion. The aim is to extend this family-like hospitality to the people who help make the festival possible. According to Mark Bjerke, most of their sponsors are local companies, and they value the ongoing relationship. Becoming a sponsor at WE Fest is accessible with many investment levels and flexible to deliver just what the sponsor needs. Sponsors can enjoy several exclusive benefits and perks, such as networking with other sponsors in the exclusive areas, including the Prancing Pony Deck, Bacardi Country Club, and VIP hospitality areas. Don’t miss out on partnering with one of the country’s most innovative and dynamic festivals.

Sara Collins

COO & Marketing Director
[email protected]

“Lifestyle Marketing is a powerful tool. Research shows that consumers are more receptive to brands that engage with them during activities they enjoy. People not only associate those brands with fun but trust is built. The impact your brand makes is significantly elevated.” Collins also noted that demand is high and space is limited, so it’s an excellent opportunity for people to get in the door while there is availability.

From Mark Bjerke

“I’m going to find out exactly your needs. We sit down, we listen to you, and we find out what you want. If this is something that would benefit your business, the best thing to do is get in the door at a level you’re comfortable with. Once you’re a sponsor, we will bring you more opportunities when you’re ready to grow with us.”

Benefits & Perks of being a sponsor at WE FEST

  • Early move-in for set-up
  • Priority on seat upgrades
  • Access to the Prancing Pony Deck
  • Sponsor concierge service
  • Splitting tickets
  • Video commercials on the Jumbotron
  • Exclusive networking opportunities
  • Brand alignment, social media, and email marketing

Meet the Team

Blake Minge [email protected]
Mark Bjerke [email protected]
Heather Ware Nelson [email protected]

Case Study

Spotlight Saloon

“We were impressed with how dedicated Mark was with ensuring we had a great experience. We didn’t know what we were doing and Mark made the process so easy. The WE FEST social media team came out and did a video at our space and pushed it to their followers, which we found valuable. “

“We loved that we could check out the space early to tape everything off so we could be prepared. We got to move it early before the other campers arrived, so we were ready when the festival started. We got lots of exposure with signage around the concert bowl and a 30-second commercial that played to everyone in the crowd. We had signage up that we designed and developed websites and we had a few business owners stop by to set up meetings for us to do their websites.”

"In 2023, Spotlight launched the Spotlight Saloon in the hospitality area. We had a chance to invite our clients to take part in some festivities before the concerts. It was a great networking opportunity."

What Others Are Saying

  • Sponsors like the priority seating and early move-in so they could plan and move in before the festival starts.
  • Sponsors like the 30-second commercial on the jumbotron and signage throughout the festival.
  • Sponsors get with other companies in the hospitality area. Business relations are invaluable.

Common Misconceptions

Let’s debunk some common misconceptions that may be holding you back from being a WE Fest sponsor.

  • You must have an elaborate setup.

Spaces vary in size from 10’ x 15’ for a small activation to 30’x 40’ space for room to invite clients. It doesn’t have to be a big space. Some sponsors don’t have onsite spaces at all. WE Fest will customize your package to meet your needs.

  • People are having too much fun and won’t remember my advertising.

WE Fest sponsors are appreciated by WE Fest fans. The interaction with customers, employers and peers is very valuable. Sponsors can reach the WE Fest audience before, during and after the festival.

  • Will people even notice me with a smaller sponsorship?

The vast majority of WE Fest sponsors return every year. Once you experience bringing your brand to WE Fest, you will likely want to return. Many sponsors start small and grow. Space is limited so sponsors are encouraged to get connected as soon as possible.

Let’s build a custom sponsorship package for your business!

For businesses interested in becoming a sponsor, send an email to [email protected]

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Josiah is an Editor and Photographer at Spotlight Media in Fargo.