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Written by: Brady Drake

Kara Jorvig Founder/CEO Allegro Group

The capstone session of the Level Up Mastermind is a full-day experience at ConBrio, Allegro Group’s lakeside leadership destination. The property provides an immersive environment to allow leaders to break pace from their day-to-day work to focus on gaining clarity, new perspective, and leadership development.

Leading a business today is more complex than ever before. The pace of opportunity, change, and technological advancements is intense. Plus, workforce challenges mean many businesses simply don’t have enough strong, effective, valuebased leaders in place.

Businesses feel challenged in two areas as it relates to their leaders: clarifying their business vision and strategy, and identifying the leadership skills needed to support those goals. The problem is so widespread that some surveys show that more than three out of every four organizations today are wrestling with a leadership gap.

The results can be devastating. Leadership gaps can lead to poor decision-making, breakdowns in culture, and financial loss as organizations struggle to strategize, innovate, and adapt to changing market conditions. Gaps take a toll on the leaders, too. Without the right competencies and experience, leaders often feel tremendous responsibility, stress, and frustration, leading to executive fatigue and burnout.

To help teams, businesses, and leaders accelerate through their gaps, the Fargo-based talent and leadership transformation company Allegro Group Inc. created its A-Framework. The A-Framework exposes gaps, creating clarity around leadership competencies, experiences, and strengths to support the business goals and strategies needed for team success.

A Transformative Experience

All of Allegro Group’s leadership experiences, talent acquisition work, programs, and courses leverage the A-Framework. In 2023, the company launched the Level Up Mastermind program—a groundbreaking initiative designed to bridge this leadership chasm in a new way. The program offers a unique blend of leadership education, exercises, and tools to empower participants to build clarity on their goals and take ownership of their development within their organizations.

“Most people in leadership roles have not had any sort of training,” said Allegro Group Founder and CEO Kara Jorvig. “It is common for leaders to be promoted because they are strong individual contributors or they have technical or subject-matter expertise. We created the Level Up Mastermind to give these individuals an opportunity to break pace from their day-to-day tactical work to focus on advancing who they are as leaders.”

The key to Level Up Mastermind’s success lies in its immersive, focused approach. Each cohort is small, comprising around 20 goal-minded individuals, allowing people to get outside their comfort zone, build new perspectives, and make connections. The eightweek program includes four live, virtual training sessions plus a day-long, in-person experience at ConBrio, Allegro Group’s lakeside leadership destination. Each session includes tools and exercises participants use to activate what they’ve learned and prepare for the next session.

Throughout the program, participants learn how essential it is to build a personal foundation to give them the bandwidth they need for skill-building, behavior modification, and change. They identify the barriers and obstacles likely to get in their way and find proven strategies to navigate them.

“Too many leaders are waiting for someone to give them role clarity and development plans that will get them to the next step in their careers,” Jorvig said. “Our mission with this program is to empower every leader to self-audit and build clarity on what, how, and who they need to be to accomplish their goals.”

Allegro Group’s in-house studio allows Level Up Mastermind members to participate in the first four sessions of the program live from their individual worksites, creating an interactive experience with minimal disruption to the regular workday
Twenty-one leaders from 15 companies completed the fall 2023 Level Up Mastermind. The eight-week program is a groundbreaking initiative to help organizations bridge their leadership gaps.
Allegro Group Managing Director, Leadership Development Katie Munion's leadership development sessions deliver focused, high-impact training for teams on the leadership competencies most needed in businesses today.

Are You Ready to Level Up?

The next Level Up Mastermind cohort begins on February 14. Registration information is available at

Amy Benedict, the director of sales operations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, describes completing the Level Up Mastermind as life-changing.

“If you are looking for just another leadership program, this is not for you because it’s so much more,” Benedict said. “The person who started the program and the person I am now are not the same, and that’s for the better! I am leaving the program with the knowledge, tools, and skills I need to keep a strong personal foundation, which will no doubt strengthen my leadership and how I contribute to my organization.”

Allegro Group’s commitment to businesses and leaders doesn’t stop there. In addition to its Mastermind programs, Allegro Group Managing Director, Leadership Development Katie Munion offers leadership development sessions focusing on the top leadership competencies most needed in businesses today. These include effective communication, advancing managers to leaders, problem-solving, delegation, and personal productivity.

Businesses can sign up for a custom package of half-day or full-day sessions on the topics that best fit their needs. The sessions are a combination of academic learning, facilitated discussion, and exercises that activate growth and transformation.

“We know how overwhelming it can feel to try to build leadership development training while you’re also working to grow your business and teams,” Munion said. “We want to partner with businesses to understand their development opportunities to help elevate culture, engagement, and performance.”

If you’d like more information about the Level Up Mastermind, leadership development sessions or other talent and leadership services, contact the Allegro Group team at to schedule an intro call.

What it’s like to join Allegro Group's Level Up Mastermind

"There were some gaps in my approach, and the A-Framework that this program lays out helps to identify where those gaps are and how to fill them. You’re then able to look at your development plan holistically and forge a clear path forward."

“This program allowed me to do a selfaudit and identify areas where I needed more clarity while providing tools to help break it down and create action plans to move forward.”

"What I love about the Allegro approach and Mastermind program is that it's truly a framework to help you personally and professionally. Starting with your personal foundation and the awareness of who you are and how you show up, it provides the framework to continue to iterate and grow. I've already seen it working for me, and I'm excited to continue it forward."

About Allegro Group Inc.

Talent and leadership transformation company

CEO: Kara Jorvig
Founded: 2015
Services: Executive and board advisory, talent acquisition, leadership development, and leadership experiences
Footprint: Operations in Fargo, Minneapolis, Vergas, MN, and Bozeman, MT that serve clients across the US

Kara Jorvig is the founder and CEO of Allegro Group, a premier talent and leadership transformation company dedicated to helping CEOs, and executive teams reach their full potential. With over 20 years of experience as a human capital expert, Jorvig serves as an activator and chief advisor to boards of directors, CEOs and senior executives. She has led Allegro Group through rapid growth as it has expanded across the U.S. in tandem with its clients’ growing footprints. In 2020, Allegro Group acquired LEAD 406, a leadership development and experiential learning business based in Bozeman, MT. In addition to leading Allegro Group, Jorvig serves on the board of directors for KLN Family Brands and the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce.

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