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Trends, Tips, & Advice from Insure Forward Agent Camden Caraveau

About Camden

Born and raised in Billings, MT, Camden Caraveau joined Insure Forward in 2023 as an insurance sales agent. His academic background includes a business management degree from NDSU. He is deeply committed to assisting businesses of varying sizes in offering their employees substantial benefits.

Caraveau specializes in a strategic approach to employee benefits, encompassing health, vision, dental, and long-term disability insurance. This strategy not only delivers immediate value but also adapts to the evolving needs of your company. As your employee benefits consultant, Caraveau is knowledgeable, reliable, and hardworking -always ready to assist.

In his leisure time, Caraveau can often be found outdoors, enjoying hobbies like golfing, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time at the lake.

Why Working with Camden is a Win-Win for Your Business

As an insurance sales agent who works specifically in employee benefits to help clients evaluate their benefit options, Caraveau is a trusted professional who can guide you in the right direction.

Caraveau excels in providing clients with innovative plan design options to meet their unique needs. His experience with clients from various industries and company sizes has given him valuable insights into the benefits that are most crucial for diverse groups.

Caraveau is committed to keeping his clients well-informed about the ever-changing market conditions. This includes regular updates on pricing, new benefit offerings, alterations in plan designs, enrollment platforms, and compliance changes, ensuring clients’ benefits packages are both competitive and compliant.

“I have continued to focus specifically on employee benefits to become a specialist in that area,” Caraveau said.

An Effective Approach to Benefits

Benefits are a huge part of a business” “curb appeal when hiring. But with a market that is constantly changing, knowing what benefits solutions are best for your team can seem daunting without the proper guidance. That’s why Caraveau’s approach is being committed to connecting businesses to the benefits that are right for them and their employees.

“I start by having an open conversation to get to know my clients and learn about what specific pain points they currently have,” Caraveau said. “I then work to design a strategic benefit offering to help them attract and retain quality candidates to join their team.”

“Some trends that we see are companies adding a variety of benefits options, multiple provider networks, and adjustments to employer premium contributions.” Camden Caraveau, Insure Forward Agent

Overlooked Aspects of Employee Benefits

Caraveau notes that one frequently overlooked aspect in employee benefits is the tax treatment of benefits, especially regarding disability benefits and the methods employers use to fund them. By advising clients on the proper funding of these plans, Caraveau ensures that employees receive the most favorable tax treatment for their benefits.

Another area often missed is the annual notification requirements for employers. Caraveau assists in this regard by informing clients well in advance and supplying them with the latest, correct documentation, thus ensuring compliance and efficiency in their benefits administration.

Attracting and Retaining Employees in the Current Landscape

Caraveau believes that in today’s workforce environment, company culture remains a significant factor in attracting and retaining employees, much as it has been in recent years. Employers are increasingly involved in this conversation due to the current market dynamics.

This is why he believes it’s critical for businesses to regularly review their benefit packages. “Annual benchmarking of your benefits package to make sure you have a competitive advantage in retaining and hiring employees is key,” he said.

Another notable trend that Caraveau is seeing in the workforce landscape is the growing focus on mental health and the interest in Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Employers who offer these types of programs provide attractive options that are instrumental in hiring quality employees and retaining experienced staff in this volatile market.

Top 5 Topics I Help Employers Navigate

1. Understanding Medical Coverage
“I help educate employers and employees on basic coverage details and how they function. I can provide insight on any questions you may have regarding deductibles, maximum out-of-pockets, copays, coinsurance, and how they all work together.”

2. Provider Networks
“I can provide employees with information and education on where they can go for care to receive the most value from their plans. I can also help provide the steps employees need to take if they need to request a different option.”

3. Drug Formularies
“Drug formularies are constantly changing-yet may be something that’s often overlooked. That’s why I am here to keep you up to speed on the latest information and recommendations.”

4. Provider Bills and Insurance Company Explanation of Benefits
“Thelp walk you through your company explanation of benefits and help point out common misconception points, like understanding the difference between the billed amount listed and the allowed amount.”

5. HSA Accounts
“I can walk you through how to best utilize provider network plans and help you determine what your qualified expenses are. I can also help you maximize tax advantages, provide information on how HSA accounts factor into retirement planning, and educate you on contribution limits and who qualifies for these accounts.”

What are Employee Assistance Programs?

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are work-based intervention programs designed to assist employees in resolving personal problems that may adversely affect their job performance, health, and well-being. EAPs typically offer confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services for a variety of issues. These may include mental health concerns, substance abuse, marital problems, family issues, and financial or legal troubles. The goal of EAPs is to provide support to employees, helping them to remain productive at work while managing their personal challenges.

Why Your Team Wins When You Choose Insure Forward

Local businesses in Fargo want to work with a team that offers them more and goes the extra mile to make sure your business’ needs are met-and that’s exactly why choosing Insure Forward means your business wins every time. “With Bank Forward, Insure Forward, Invest Forward, and Tax Forward, we are able to provide a well-rounded service solution for our clients,” Caraveau said. “At Insure Forward we are able to assist in selecting employee benefit plans as well as all of our customers’ other insurance and financial needs.”

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