Peter Chamberlain is Focused on Access to Proper Healthcare Equipment

Written by: Brady Drake

Peter Chamberlain By Brady Drake Josiah Kopp eter Chamberlain, the Founder of WalkWise, has made a significant contribution to the field of healthcare technology. His brainchild, WalkWise, is a pioneering technology designed to enhance the safety and independence of older adults using walkers. This smart technology attaches to the traditional walker and provides insightful data, such as activity levels and potential safety concerns, to caregivers and family members. Chamberlain’s inspiration for WalkWise stemmed from his personal experience watching the struggles his grandparents had as they aged.

His mission to help extends beyond his own company.

What do you support?


“I serve on the board of directors for HERO, which stands for Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization. The reason I got involved with the organization is because in my work with WalkWise, we are mainly dealing with people who are physically disabled in some way. And what I’ve seen a lot in that is that people just don’t have the right equipment for themselves to be able to live independently and for them to stay healthy. It’s just a matter of how the system works with healthcare and the fact that insurance and Medicare won’t reimburse for certain items at certain times. This causes a lot of issues for people especially if they incur further costs because they fall because they don’t have the right equipment.

What I saw in HERO was an organization that is making it a priority to get this equipment to the people that need it. They’re taking durable medical equipment that would otherwise be thrown away by hospitals because of one bureaucratic reason or another and giving it to people who need it. We’re able to offer this situation, people are able to get the basic medical necessities they need.”

“I’ve been part of the board for six years now and they have helped so many people who have faced dire medical situations like paralysis get the equipment they need.”

Emerging Prairie

“I think it’s really important for people to know that Emerging Prairie makes this community what it is. They make it possible for entrepreneurs to succeed and a lot of the stuff that they do isn’t necessarily visible, and they don’t necessarily take credit for it. Yet, the people in the know know what’s happening. They know why certain things are happening, why legislation is getting passed, and why certain groups are coming to North Dakota—it’s because of the work Emerging Prairie is doing and I don’t know if they always get the credit for everything that they do.”

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