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Written by: Brady Drake

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Garrett Moon CEO & Co-Founder, CoSchedule

Garrett Moon is the co-Founder of CoSchedule, one of the most successful tech startups ever in North Dakota. Today, the company provides marketing solutions for over 200,000 users globally.

We talked with him to learn about some of the tech used at CoSchedule.


“Every team at CoSchedule uses Guru as a knowledge base for internal process documentation, onboarding checklists, and more. This keeps everyone on the same page and speeds up training for new team members. Each topic card has a verifier that ensures the information is always up-to-date.”


“This intuitive email marketing and automation platform helps us share relevant messages with the right people at the right time. This is our primary email marketing system, which uses the data from Salesforce to personalize the content we share with our email subscribers, sales leads, and customers.”


“ChurnZero is a Customer Success Platform that helps our Customer Success Managers increase product adoption and success for their customers. This tool helps CSMs better understand our customers, improve customer experience, and personalize support based on customer activity and engagement.”


“BambooHR is CoSchedule’s HR software. Human Resources and Leadership use this tool to execute hiring, employee reviews, and employee surveys. All employees have access to sign HR-specific documents, request time-off, review benefits, and more.”


“This SEO software has tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. We use AHREFs to see which keywords we want to try to rank for, as well as ranking on our existing pieces to find opportunities to improve content and grow traffic.”


“ContentKing is a real-time SEO auditing and monitoring platform that detects if anything is broken across our thousands of blog posts and website pages. It helps us prioritize fixes we need to make to improve our overall website performance.”

A Look Back at The 2020 List

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WordPress (still being used)

What they said: “WordPress is our content management system for our popular blog that attracts half a million visitors each month. As a marketing team, this helps us publish content efficiently for many purposes such as attracting new email subscribers, nurturing leads, and educating existing customers. It’s easy to use and helps us scale.”


What they said: “This customer resource management system helps us personalize experiences for each of our email subscribers, leads, and customers. We use this to communicate with leads, keep track of their progress, and ultimately keep our customers happy and successful with our product.”


What they said: “This marketing automation system helps us share relevant messages with the right person at the right time. This is primarily our email marketing system, which uses the information from Salesforce to personalize the content we share with our email subscribers, sales leads, and customers. It helps us organize how we communicate with nearly 1 million unique individuals at scale.”


What they said: “This customer success software helps us communicate with prospective customers and support existing users of our own platform. Zendesk helps us track trends so we can communicate users’ needs with our product development team to ultimately improve their experience with our product.”


What they said: “We use Github to log snags we (or our users) encounter when using our software so that our product development team can collect and prioritize enhancements very quickly and efficiently.”


What they said: “Aha! serves as a backlog ‘wish list’ of functionality we could add into our platform, making sure no good ideas are lost, while helping our team vote on upcoming functionality to add to our product roadmap.”


What they said: “Highfive is our internal video call system, which keeps us connected between our Fargo and Bismarck offices.”


What they said: “We use 15Five for a performance management tool. It allows us to have weekly pulse checks, structured bi-weekly/ month one-on-one’s as well as formalized quarterly reviews with all of our employees to ensure they’re growing personally and professionally.”

Google Products

What they said: “From the business side, we write content with Google Docs, use Google Sheets to interpret data, present to prospects and customers with Google Slides, and even maintain internal team websites with Google Sites.”


What they said: “As a marketing team, we use the tool our product team creates to organize all of our marketing in one place. As a technology company, this helps us understand the market needs and strengths our product offers to solve problems, and presents opportunities for us to help the company improve the platform we offer.”


What they said: “We use Zoom to video call sales leads and customers. We also use it as our internal video call system, which keeps us connected between our Fargo and Bismarck offices.”


What they said: “It may come as a surprise, but we don’t use email for internal communication at all at CoSchedule. Slack helps us instant message each other to collaborate quickly and efficiently.”

About CoSchedule

“Co-Founders, Garrett Moon and Justin Walsh, started CoSchedule as a side project at their web design and custom app development agency, TodayMade. In the last decade, their idea for a blog and social media calendar has grown into a Marketing Calendar solution trusted by over 200,000+ marketers around the world. Since 2013, CoSchedule has added 50+ employees, countless features, new products, and thousands of free marketing resources. With solutions for marketers at every level from solopreneurs to enterprise-level marketing teams, we’ll continue to strive toward our vision of CoSchedule products & training in every marketers’ toolkit.”

-From the CoSchedule website

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