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Spreading Kindness Like Sprinkles: The Story of Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats

Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats is more than just a business. It’s a heartwarming story of spreading kindness and giving back to the community, inspired by a ten-year-old girl named Bella and her mother Rosalinda’s journey of overcoming challenges and finding joy in the midst of hardships.

The business started as a way to give back to the community after Bella’s mother went through a challenging experience with a prolonged NICU stay due to uterine rupture. During one of their visits to the hospital, Bella saw a family living in a tent and asked her parents if they could help them. Despite their own financial struggles, Bella and her mother went back to the family with food and resources, igniting a passion for giving back in Bella’s heart.

Bella’s love for baking led them to start making care packages for local nonprofits in the area. However, as demand grew, her mother found it challenging to afford supplies and made the decision to turn Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats into a limited liability company (LLC). Bella’s dedication to spreading kindness through her treats earned her recognition from the mayor, who declared February 15th as “Spreading Kindness Like Sprinkles Day” in Fargo as of this year.

Their journey hasn’t been without challenges, however. Bella was diagnosed with a vascular malformation with vascular blockage regrowth in March of 2022, adding to the hurdles they faced. But Rosalinda remains resilient, seeing the beauty in their hardship and using baking as a form of physical therapy for Bella.

What sets Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats apart is their unwavering commitment to spreading kindness and embracing their Hispanic heritage. Rosalinda, who is half Hispanic and half Italian, wanted to instill in her children the values of her heritage and culture with their food, love, care, and community support. Baking together has become a cherished activity for Bella and her mom, bringing them closer and creating memories that defy traditional family norms.

The impact of Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats on the community has been profound. Their cupcakes and treat boxes are a hit, with Oreos, pretzels, and Rice Krispie treats flying off the shelves. One special treat box, named “Bella’s treats,” includes Bella and Rosalinda’s favorite snacks, such as Oreos and animal crackers. But it’s not just about the treats; it’s about the joy and kindness that Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats spreads. Bella’s mom recalls a touching moment when Bella gave away 372 Christmas stockings and filled them for families in need. “I was very proud,” Rosalinda reflects. This act of kindness has allowed them to connect with other moms going through similar challenges and to teach their children about the importance of kindness.

Looking ahead, Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats has big plans for expansion. They are exploring options for catering events such as weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers with a mobile treat cart. They also offer DIY sugar cookie kits, creating opportunities for more community engagement. Rosalinda is passionate about involving the community in their business and believes that it’s not just about the treats but also about the impact they can have on Bella’s soul and the souls of others.

Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats is a beacon of kindness in the community. Through their delicious treats and unwavering commitment to spreading kindness, they have touched the lives of many and continue to inspire others to make a positive impact in their own communities. As Rosalinda says, “Our kids are learning about kindness,” and that is a beautiful legacy to leave behind. So, let’s all join Bella in “spreading kindness like sprinkles” and making the world a sweeter place, one treat at a time.

If you’d like to purchase treats from Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats, you can shop their selection on their website at or pick what you want and Venmo them at @Bellasdulcesweetsntreats

The proclamation from Mayor Tim Mahoney for February 15, 2023 being “Spreading Kindness Like Sprinkles Day” in Fargo.

Written by Cassie Funk

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