This is Some of the Tech WalkWise is Using

Written by: Brady Drake

Peter Chamberlain
Founder & CEO

Peter Chamberlain is the Founder & CEO of WalkWise, a company providing a remote patient monitoring solution to protect senior citizens. With WalkWise, Chamberlain has received numerous awards, including the 2019 1 Million Thanks Rookie of the Year award.

Prior to founding WalkWise, Chamberlain was the Co-Founder of the MIT Hyperloop team which won the inaugural SpaceX Hyperloop Design Challenge.


About Walkwise

WalkWise is a company that created a device that attaches to walkers to monitor a user’s activity.

“We learned how to monitor activity at night to screen for urinary tract infections. We designed a notification system that warned families and caregivers about a lack of motion and walker tips. We helped reduce falls by making walker use ‘fun’ and allowing care providers to address walker noncompliance. We provided my own family and others with a mobile app to have peace of mind throughout the day.”

-Peter Chamberlain on the WalkWise website

A Startling Statistic

According to the CDC, there are about 36 million falls reported by older adults each year and about 32,000 deaths resulting from those falls.


“We use Pipedrive to manage our sales efforts and the resulting data from customer engagement. For each customer profile, the software tracks all email communication automatically and makes it easy to record other outreach, such as phone calls. The ‘Pipeline’ view is a great way to see which prospects are at which stage in the sales funnel. When you close a deal, we gather around the computer to see the congratulatory GIF. It is definitely not as robust and powerful as Salesforce and other pricy CRMs, but it’s an affordable solution for startups and it gets the job done.”


“ClickUp is a highly versatile and configurable data platform that houses our workflows for project management and customer support tickets, among other functions. You can create customized workflows that assign tasks to the right team members, and duplicate these workflows as needed. Data fields are completely customizable, making it easy to structure data the way we want.”

Shoobox (Acquired by Fidelity)

“Shoobx is a highly rigid corporate, HR, and equity management platform that keeps your company doing things the right way. You can issue convertible notes and stock options, generate board consents for e-signatures, and keep a clean data room for potential investors. You can even make job offers and include your standard confidentiality and IP assignment terms. Shoobx saves us money on legal fees, but our lawyers also like that information is well organized and digitized.”

Visual Studio Code

“This is the most versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that I’ve used. It is built by Microsoft, but the huge value is the opensource plugins for virtually every language and third-party solution that exists. One can lament all the other IDEs that have come and gone over the years, but from an ‘ecosystem’ standpoint, nothing has ever been as good as Visual Studio Code. If you’re not programming in VS Code, check it out.”

Autodesk Fusion360

“This is a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software that assists with the design, modeling, and manufacturing of 3D objects. Essentially all products in our physical world have been designed with CAD, and Fusion360 is a decent package for beginners and startups that doesn’t break the bank. It has the capability to design anything that you can imagine, and though there are a few unwelcome quirks compared to expensive solutions like Solidworks, it has been exactly what we’ve needed as a startup.”


“Payroll is a pain, but Gusto makes it really easy and inexpensive. Most everything just runs automatically, but you can easily add hours, reimbursement, and even offer benefits directly from the portal. Come tax season, they issue everyone their necessary documents and help you pay the necessary taxes.”


“PeopleKeep is a benefits management platform that we use for our HRA and our commuter benefit. Employees upload their receipts and documents through their portal, and PeopleKeep just lets us know what to add back into the next payroll cycle. It’s convenient for employers and employees alike, though it can be frustrating to reach customer service when needed.”

Contact Walkwise

Facebook: /WalkWiseTech
Linkedin: /company/walkwise
Instagram: @walkwisefamily

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