Mike Dragosavich

CEO/Founder, Spotlight Media

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  • 13 Years as CEO of Spotlight Media in Fargo.
  • 13 Years as CEO of Spotlight Media in Fargo.
  • Certified in Google Advertising
  • Certified in Google Advertising

About Mike

Meet the man who turned a spark of creativity into a dazzling blaze of success – Mike Dragosavich, the maestro behind Spotlight Media. With a twinkle in his eye and ink in his veins, Mike has been the guiding force, the captain of the literary and advertising ship for the past 13 glorious years.

In the realm of advertising, Mike is the wizard who turns campaigns into unforgettable spectacles. His strategic mind and creative flair have allowed Spotlight Media to redefine the way brands communicate. From catchy slogans to visually stunning ads, Mike knows how to make a brand shine in the spotlight.

Articles by Mike

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