Vote Yes for Fargo Public Schools

Written by: FMWF Chamber of Commerce

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ONE IMPORTANT PILLAR of any strong community is high-quality schools. Here, we’re successful in large part thanks to the innovative school districts we have in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo.

All three of our school districts offer a high-caliber education, and we applaud the work that they do. But there is one issue we’re watching and on which we need your support. On March 7, there will be a very important vote coming that will preserve the funding level for the Fargo Public School system, and I urge all eligible voters to vote “yes” on this important issue.

You may ask yourself why a Chamber of Commerce president is so supportive of the K-12 school systems. Let me share with you one important reason. One of the Chamber’s top priorities—as identified by our more than 2,100 member organizations— is workforce development. We simply cannot continue to flourish if we do not have highly qualified employees to ll jobs.


We’ve heard time and time again from our members that they have a difficulty in attracting and retaining top talent at their organizations. In fact, at our recent Economic Outlook Forum, Starion Bank revealed the results of an economic survey that was distributed to Chamber members. The No. 1 thing at the top of the list for what may negatively impacting their businesses was the workforce shortage.

On the other side of the workforce coin, we see students as our future workforce. Setting our students up with the skills they need to be successful is key to our success as a region. We need our students to be the most prepared they can be as they enter the labor market. Career and technical-education opportunities that are provided by the Fargo Public School District—in partnership with business and industry leaders— allow students to advance their future and gain an understanding of our workforce.

The other thing to consider is that potential new community residents evaluate not only their employer opportunities but the community as a whole and what it has to offer.

Our K-12 public school systems offer exemplary education and opportunities. Class sizes are small, educators are qualified, and they are able to provide students with programs that match their interests and that will serve them later in life through STEM programs, arts and skill-training opportunities.

Preserving the funding for Fargo Public Schools is vital to the continued success of the community, and it sends a message to potential residents that we care about education.

Voting “yes” on March 7 will allow Fargo Public Schools to maintain its quality
of education and, most importantly,
will preserve a strong pillar in our community.

Please consider voting “yes” on March 7 for continued excellence at Fargo Public Schools.

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