YPN’s One to Watch: Justin Gustofson

Written by: Fargo Inc

Each quarter, the FMWF Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Network selects one of its members as its “One to Watch.” The award is peer-nominated, and the winner is featured in Fargo INC! and the Chamber’s monthly newsletter, The Bridge.


Tell us about your involvement in YPN.What do you like about it the most?

YPN has been a part of my commercial real estate career since the very beginning. I remember going to my first YPN event on my third day as a commercial agent and dove right in ever since. Since then, I have attended every event that I could possibly fit in my schedule. Besides being in attendance at the events, I have been an active member in both the Professional Development Committee as well as the Member Engagement Committee. My favorite part about YPN is creating valuable relationships with other young professionals in the area.

What organizations, along with the YPN, are you involved with that help you grow professionally?

Other than YPN, I attend a lot of the other events held through the Chamber. It is gratifying being able to walk into other events, such as BAH, and recognize

many familiar YPN faces. As far as other organizations, I am involved with the West Fargo Exchange Club and was recently just elected to the board. I look forward to being able to help serve all those that benefit from the WFEC and further understand some of the direct needs of our community, which will help further my professional career.

For other aspiring young professionals, what advice do you have for them?

Get involved with as many organizations as your schedule allows. Join a local service club, become a committee member, attend association/board meetings that pertain to your industry, or just go meet other professionals. I have made many connections just by being involved, and I’m looking forward to seeing where that takes me.

Briefly tell us about the journey that you brought you to where you are now.

My journey started in construction with my dad as soon as I could pick up a hammer. My dad has a construction company in town, and I would always help out when I had time. I have used a lot of the knowledge I gained from working for him throughout high school in my career now, as a commercial realtor. In between the two jobs, I worked as a Flight Instructor at the local FBO. I knew my end goal was commercial real estate and made the switch when I felt the time was right. I truly enjoy the commercial real estate industry and look forward to seeing where it takes me.

Do you have any favorite business books, podcasts, magazines, etc. that have helped you learn along the way?

I am not very interested in books or podcasts; however, I do enjoy furthering my education in my career by utilizing different training sessions and working towards a designation in commercial real estate.

Is there anybody in the community you want to thank?

This is a tough one, there have been many people that have helped me out along the way, both directly and indirectly. I would say I’d have to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their willingness to help out and answer any questions that I may have. 

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Brady Drake is the editor of Fargo INC!