Gracious Givers: How VISIONBank Supports Non-Profits

Written by: Fargo Inc
Katy Beckman, Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager at VISIONBank

From having a booth at the Paws Walk for Homeward Animal Shelter to supporting the annual GiGi’s Playhouse Golf Tournament to walking in the Rise Above Seizures Walk, VISIONBank supports numerous nonprofits throughout the year. 

“As a locally owned community bank, it is one of our core values to give back,” said Beckman. “It is part of our mission statement: ‘We pledge to serve our communities by accepting a corporate leadership role and volunteering our time and talents to give back unselfishly.’”

One of the events that VISIONBank is most proud of is the support they’ve given to Giving Hearts Day and their video contest, where all nonprofits can participate. For the past seven years, their video contest has been a platform for nonprofits to use to get their mission heard. 

“They are able to use this video year-round and not just on Giving Hearts Day. A video can tell a story and make you feel something that words might not always be able to,” Beckman said. “You can’t physically reach everyone with your mission, but a video can be shared and be seen through social media. A video can be so powerful and impactful, and if we can help reach more people with what the nonprofits do through our video contest — that I am satisfied with.”

What sparked VISIONBank’s idea to support nonprofits

It all started from Dan Carey, the CEO and president of VISIONBank. Carey is not only a trustee of the Alex Stern Family Foundation but is also the chairman of Impact Foundation, so the biggest day of giving of the year, Giving Hearts Day, hits home with him. 

Carey joins Pat Traynor, the executive director at Impact Foundation, in sharing a passion for “giving back” to their communities and the region. The collaborative efforts of Dakota Medical Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation resulted in the creation of Impact Foundation. Every nonprofit has access to the training and educational opportunities provided by Impact Foundation and the record of successful Giving Hearts Day campaigns is proof that those opportunities to assist nonprofits are working very well.

VISIONBank is proud to partner with all nonprofits in providing the annual Giving Hearts Day video contest. 

“We might be a smaller bank than some of the bigs, but we do our part to make a difference,” Beckman said.

Their mission statement is to give back, and Carey challenges his team to do that. 

“During Giving Hearts Day, we have 100 percent participation. Dan gives each team member a Giving Hearts Day gift card to give to two people to have them donate to their favorite charity and share the great feeling you get from giving.”

Why businesses should support nonprofits

To keep it simple, Beckman says, “Why shouldn’t they? Nonprofits serve a critical and vital role in any community. They are the main source of building a strong community and giving a voice to those that are in need.”

Anyone can support a nonprofit, and Giving Hearts Day is a great platform to find a nonprofit and support them all year long.  You can participate in charitable walks, set up booths at events, or donate items. Those are all easy and fun, but what business really should and can do is open their space for nonprofits to use. 

“At VISIONBank, we love when nonprofits use our boardrooms for their meetings,” Beckman said. “We get to hear firsthand the work that is being done in our community and how much time and effort it takes to make a change. We will always have an open door for any nonprofit to come in and use our space and we would love to see more businesses do the same. The more that join in, the more awareness of nonprofits and their work will be seen.”

VISIONBank is doing its part in the community. It’s your turn to join them.

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