Women You Should Know: Meagan Lewis | Founder, Milk Made Catering

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By Arielle Windham

Who needs eight maids milking this holiday season when you’ve got Megan Lewis? The driving force behind Fargo’s Milk Made Catering, Lewis is an inspiring example for female entrepreneurs in the area as well as proof that success, like cheese, comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. It might take some perseverance, and there are bound to be some stinky/ sticky situations along the way, but it’s out there. As long as you keep an open mind and keep allowing yourself to grow, achieving your personally defined success is within reach!

Preaching the Word of the Curd

Cheesemongering isn’t really a profession you’ll find on the walls of the career counselor’s office. In fact, outside of elves-and-wizards and chosen-one fantasy novels or history class, the title might seem a bit archaic. It wasn’t where Lewis saw herself at first, either.

“I wanted to be a food stylist, working for a TV show or a magazine,” she said. “In order to do that, a culinary background was highly recommended.”

From culinary school, Lewis explored various styling opportunities through interior design, event planning, and retail. The wheel of cheese turned for her when a local retail boutique hired her to start a cheese program. This unique opportunity allowed her to dive deep into the history, culture, and story of cheese. Her love of cheese and food styling melted together into Milk Made, which she affectionately calls her “food baby.”

Lewis envisioned a mobile catering company that gave her the ability to be both a mom and a business owner. Square One Rental Kitchen provided an appropriate space and an exciting community of local food entrepreneurs that were the perfect pairing to her cheese dreams.

“Square One is like a family,” she said. “You’re all in the same place, all hustling, and doing the same thing for your business. It’s like a built-in support system.” Which is huge for a small business. For Lewis, the Square One kitchen was more than just an incubator for her catering business. It’s the foundation that has allowed her to grow from mobile catering, to selling artisan cheese at markets, to a food truck, and now, to a brick-and-mortar business.

“My business grew up with that sense of community,” Lewis said. “And now that we have our own space, we’re excited to do the same.”

The House That Cheese Built

While the journey to a physical storefront might seem winding, Lewis is quick to remind aspiring entrepreneurs that you are the only one who can define your success. For her, any business venture needed to revolve around her role as a mom.

Starting in an incubator like Square One and letting her business take root before taking the next step didn’t make sense to everyone, but Lewis had faith in her vision and a clear idea of what success looked like for her.

“Everybody’s definition of success is different,” she said. “Don’t listen to what the social norms tell you what your business has to be. You have to be okay with that societal definition of success looking different for you. Starting a business is terrifying. It’s absolutely a leap of faith no matter who you are. The more you can go into it with a solid vision of what you want your life to look like… will affect your choices from day one of how you want to run your business.”

For Lewis, and most in the cheese industry, it’s not about the money. It’s about sharing their passion and the story of cheese.

Cheese, Please!

Milk Made’s brick-and-mortar opened at 612 23rd Street South in Fargo in early September. In addition to a cheese counter, the space gives Lewis room to offer classes and increase her catering capabilities. She is also excited to “pay it forward” for other makers in the community by hosting vendor pop-ups.

“With starting at Square One, my business grew up with a deep sense of community,” Lewis said. “And now that we have our own space, we’re excited to do the same.”

Looking to impress guests at your next event? Lewis and her team are happy to help with customized charcuterie platters designed to please every palette. Visit milkmadecatering.com or stop by the shop for more information.

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