Striking Gold: Weave Got Maille Garners National Recognition

Written by: Marisa Jackels

Photos courtesy of Weave Got Maille
Feature photo caption: In February, senior Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar visited Ada, Minn.-based chainmaille company Weave Got Maille as part of a 10-county rural-economy tour throughout the state.

What began as a group of women making jewelry in a living room is now one of the largest chainmaille manufacturing companies in the world.

Weave Got Maille, located in the humble town of Ada, Minn – population 1,647 – is at long last garnering some well-deserved regional and national recognition.

Weave Got Maille

A crew from the national TV show “World’s Greatest” captures footage for Weave Got Maille’s upcoming appearance on the program this spring.

The company, started by goldsmith Edie Ramstad, was started in 2012 and has since outgrown two spaces and employs 15 people. Their biggest clients include popular HBO TV show “Game of Thrones” and an upcoming Marvel movie (which they can’t say much about). Their biggest competitor is the entire country of Pakistan.

And yet, for a while, very few knew about the work being done at 202 West Main St. This year, that’s starting to change.

In February, senior Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar paid a visit to Weave Got Maille headquarters as part of a 10-county rural-economy tour. Ramstad and the senator discussed the need for better broadband in rural areas, focusing on the reauthorization of the farm bill, which would make this possible.

“To think that they just started at a kitchen table,” Klobuchar says, “to now the incredible work that she (Ramstad) has done. It’s a great thing for Ada to have a manufacturing company like this.”

Weave Got Maille

Ramstad also announced this year that Weave Got Maille will be available in more than 40 Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores across the nation. This – in addition to the nearly 80 countries they currently ship to – will continue to strengthen Weave Got Maille’s presence in the manufacturing world.

Even more exciting for those who hope to see more of Weave Got Maille, Ramstad and her team were recently invited to be featured on a national TV show airing this spring. The show, called “World’s Greatest,” features behind-the-scenes footage of interesting companies from around the world.

“Our goal is to provide our viewers with a look at the products they know and the products they never knew existed,” say the show’s creators.

Of course, amidst all the success and recent growth, Ramstad points to her team of dedicated staff as the true stars of the show.

“It’s the Weave Got Maille employees that make us the ‘World’s Greatest’,” she says. “I’m happy they’re getting the recognition they deserve.”

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