Faces Of Fargo Business: Trinity Schaff

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Photo by Paul Flessland

We like to think of the Fargo business community as a giant puzzle and the people who comprise it as the different but equally essential pieces. Take one person, one company, or one industry away, and the picture becomes incomplete. Faces of Fargo Business is our chance to piece that puzzle together each month and celebrate the countless people who make this such a great place to work.

Founder & President of TrinSpin

A service-disabled Gulf War veteran and self-admitted “anal-retentive, OCD perfectionist,” Trinity Schaff opened his Fargo technology consultancy, TrinSPIN, in 2011. After more than 25 years in the electronics industry, Schaff was looking for a way to combine the services of some of his past employers into a one-stop shop.

“I was tired of the uninspiring customer service and my employers saying no to the smaller, less-profitable jobs,” says Schaff, who got his entrepreneurial start making custom fishing poles as a hobby.

Trinity Schaff Fargo INC

As his company’s name suggests, Schaff likes to put his own “spin” on things, whether it’s TrinSPIN’s state-of-the-art, interactive showroom or coming up with an outside-the-box solution to a previously unsolvable challenge—turning a mirror into a television or incorporating artwork into sound panels, for instance.

From individuals to industrial corporations, Schaff says a passion for helping people underlies everything he does in his business.

“I love educating people on our products and services,” he says, “and then seeing their eyes light up when they realize their A/V dreams are very doable AND budget friendly.”

Check out TrinSpin at TrinSpin.com.

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