Unique Events For A Unique Time

Written by: Brady Drake

Unique times call for unique actions, that’s something Mobile Pro knows all too well. With booking for live event production dwindling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local company has pivoted some of the things it’s doing to keep clients happy and people entertained.

Mobile Pro is perhaps doing one of the most fun and innovative things of any company during this crisis by holding “Pop Up Drive In’s” where they travel to smaller communities in the area and help them experience movies in a fun and unique way. In order to do this, Mobile Pro is bringing its large LED big screen and transmitting equipment to put on a drive-in movie for the community, while staying within the CDC guidelines for large gatherings according to President of Mobile Pro, Brian Bestge.

“Many school districts have been spearheading this as a way to give the kids and families something to do during these unprecedented times,” said Bestge. 

Q&A With Brian Bestge, President Of Mobile Pro

Brian Bestge, President
Brian Bestge, President of Mobile Pro

Can you tell me about the motivation behind the “Pop Up Drive In’s”? 
We had been doing mobile drive in movies last summer but on a smaller scale. Our team this year came up with this idea early on and we then decided to package it in a way that will allow communities to host a safe event within the current CDC guidelines. As many people are starting to feel isolated and cooped up in their homes, many residents are looking for a way to get out of the house and do some type of activity that is safe for their family. We have partnered with School Districts and private clubs to provide this unique and retro experience. Because we use LED video technology vs projection we can show early movies for the little ones as early as 4 or 5 p.m. 

What has the response been like to it? 
Overall we have had a really great response from the people we have partnered with and those who come and attend. In one instance when the movie ended and the credits began to run all of the cars started to flash their lights and honk their horn as a way to thank us for putting this on. 

What movies have you shown? 
We have shown older movies like Cars and Herbie (for a car club in Rugby) to newer movies like Lion King and Ford vs Ferrari.

Q&A With Patrick Kirby, Founder Of Do Good Better Consulting

Patrick Kirby, Founder of Do Good Better Consulting
Patrick Kirby, Founder of Do Good Better Consulting

Mobile Pro is also providing unique solutions for clients that wish to still hold events as well. For example, Bestge and his Mobile Pro team have continued to work with the Do Gooders so they are able to hold their virtual conference on April 29. Not only will the event go on, but Mobile Pro and Patrick Kirby, Founder of Do Good Better Consulting, have teamed up to provide at-home catering for individuals who have signed up for the virtual conference.

“Our team came up with this option as it was apparent we wanted to help our local restaurants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Bestge.

What was the transition like turning everything virtual?
The transition to a virtual event was less stressful from a logistical standpoint than I thought it would be. With all the ways we can connect online, and the numerous platforms available to create an awesome environment on a digital platform, it made the decision pretty easy. The hardest part is convincing yourself to pull the trigger on moving the event virtually! However, because of the move to an online event, we have speakers, presenters and an audience that is global rather than just regional! Turns out taking the risk had a fantastic payoff!

What has the experience been like working with BeMobile?
Working with Mobile Pro is the reason I sleep at night. To wrap your head around what technical pieces are needed to pull off an event of this magnitude without a professional walking you through the steps and process is enough to drive a person mad. But Brian and his crew have done so many events and streamed from so many different locations that any and all pie-in-the-sky ideas (and there were many) were greeted with a “sounds-awesome-we’ll-figure-out-how-to-do-it” rather than dismissing it as impossible.

I noticed the happy hour and food catering is a very unique touch, how conscious have you been of trying to give everyone the same feel as a normal in-person event with all of this?
There really isn’t anything “normal” about events nowadays, so we tried to think about ways to double and triple down on audacious and fun ideas to make our virtual guests feel like they are getting the biggest value, even while sitting on the internet. Arranging lunches to be delivered to ticket holders (regardless if they lived in towns or not!) was curated to help the locally-owned restaurants during this shutdown, and featuring local musicians, artists and performers in between speakers was our chance to showcase how supporting local art is important too! Anything we thought of to provide a unique and downright awesome experience was put on the table and I think by being the first major event locally to go virtual will allow some major grace if something doesn’t work perfectly. I think the entrepreneurial spirit of this community rewards those who take a risk and go all-in on it

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