This Local Company Wants You To Keep Your Team Together During The Pandemic

Written by: Brady Drake

As of March 17, Wanido, a local workplace well-being platform, began offering four months of free solutions to relieve stress and pressure on companies who have been forced to adopt a remote workforce due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“When we launched Wanido earlier this year, never did we expect to be facing such an unprecedented time as now,” stated Troy Bagne, CEO.  “We have heartfelt concern for everyone who is personally impacted by the virus and the ripple effect it is causing. Because our platform solves immediate needs and can help many employers and employees, we felt it was our civic responsibility to give back and do what we could to help in this time of need. We want to accommodate every employer who needs an engagement and well-being solution, right now.” 

Troy Bagne, CEO
Troy Bagne, CEO

During these stressful times, it may be more important than ever to keep your team intact. To learn more about the company that is trying to help do that, we sat down with CEO, Troy Bagne.

How has your company’s processes changed during the pandemic here?
Fortunately, our processes have not changed much. Our headquarter office is here in Fargo, but we’re used to collaborating with our teammates who are spread out regionally across the United States who are used to working remotely. 

How does a Wanido customer make the most of their data?   
We provide quick access to data through our dashboard and report suite. The key is for an organization to be introspective when interpreting the reports we provide. Employees are giving valuable insight into their personal needs and experience as an employee through their interactions within Wanido. By measuring foundational analytics on culture, health and finance, a company with 100 employees will receive an average of 37,000 data points per year. An organization that takes that to heart and utilizes their company’s analytics to create a stronger workplace culture and support employee challenges, will see phenomenal results.

What went into the decision to offer Wanido for free during the pandemic?
We are dedicated to improving the well-being of both companies and individual employee lives. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that employers maximize resources and also support the challenges that employees are facing. In order to live our mission, we knew that we needed to make our services available to everyone when they are needed most.

Why is retaining employees more important now than ever?
Turnover costs an employer anywhere from fifty percent to two times an annual salary per employee. In addition to the financial burden, they also lose valuable knowledge and relationships that the individual has made. Creating a strong culture that employees value not only reduces the hard cost of replacement but boosts productivity and innovation within the entire team. 

How have you personally seen disengagement effect companies during your career? 
We can all think of examples where we felt our coworkers or bosses were just collecting a paycheck; they weren’t driven to be better or maximizing productivity. This disengagement is easy to see and weighs heavily on a team environment. What’s harder to see are the factors that contributed to it. Is this person discouraged by poor management, dealing with personal or family issues, or are they just not in the right role? By using data versus anecdotal evidence we don’t have to waste time trying to guess about the how and the why, we can get to work on improving the factors that have created the disengagement.

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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.