This is Some of the Tech FarmQA is Using

Written by: Brady Drake

Howard Dahl
President/CE, Amity Technology, LLC. and
Owner, FarmQA

Howard Dahl is a giant in agriculture. His career in the ag space started in 1977 with Concord Inc., a company that was eventually sold to Case Corporation in 1996. Since then, Dahl has made it his mission to improve the world through Amity Technology, which is the world’s top pull-type sugar beet equipment company.

About FarmQA

FarmQA is a software solution provider that specializes in digital tools for agronomy. As a Microsoft engineering shop, the company utilizes a wide range of Microsoft tools and services to develop and deliver high-quality software solutions to its customers.

Microsoft Azure

“One of the primary methods that FarmQA uses to deliver software is through Microsoft Azure, which provides a robust cloud computing platform that enables the company to build scalable solutions that are both reliable and efficient. By leveraging many of Azure’s capabilities, FarmQA ensures that its solutions meet the unique needs of its customers.”

Microsoft Azure Devops

“This is a versatile program that our hardware engineers use essentially to design PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), however, it integrates an appreciable number of development tools from different disciplines into a single environment. The primary two tools are schematic development—the symbolic creation of electronic circuits from a functional perspective, and PCB layout—the physical implementation of the schematic in the form of component placement and copper traces. Other important tools in the environment include BOM (Bill of Materials) management, a component database, finite element analysis for thermal and current density calculations, 3D modeling, importing, exporting, and collision reporting, and numerous other application-specific plugins.”


“FarmQA utilizes a variety of programming languages and frameworks to develop its solutions, including Microsoft’s C#, Python, and JavaScript.”


“One critical framework that the company relies on is Mapbox. This powerful mapping tool enables customers to locate their fields, display data about their fields, provide directions to drivers, and more. With its flexible mapping and custom styling capabilities, Mapbox is a vital component of FarmQA’s software solutions.”

Microsoft Teams

“To facilitate effective communication and collaboration, FarmQA uses Microsoft Teams as its primary platform. This versatile tool enables the company’s development and engineering teams to work seamlessly together, no matter where they are located. During the lockdowns in 2020, FarmQA was able to continue working without any interruptions, thanks in part to the reliable and efficient communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams.”

User Experience

“For user experience design, FarmQA relies on a variety of tools, including Sketch, Pixelmator, and OmniGraffle. By using these modern and stable applications, the company can create high-quality designs without relying on Adobe products, saving costs while maintaining a high level of quality.”


“On the marketing side, FarmQA utilizes a range of services, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and others. These tools enable the company to send direct marketing and informational articles to its customers and leads, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest news and developments.”


“Finally, FarmQA’s support organization relies on ZenDesk to create customer trouble tickets and provide documentation on the FarmQA solution. This platform enables the company to provide fast and efficient support to its customers, ensuring that they are always satisfied with the products and services that they receive.”

Contact FarmQA

Website: Cfarmqacom
Facebook: /farmqa
Instagram: @farmqa
Linkedin: /company/farmqa
Twitter: @farm_qa

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