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Written by: Brady Drake

Josh Christy
Founder, Codelation

“Codelation began full-time back on April 1, 2009. It started out with me doing design and development, trying to do it all out of our spare bedroom. Through the years, we’ve fostered Codelation into the dynamic team it is today. While I’ve stepped away from coding myself, I still enjoy helping people with big ideas become entrepreneurs like me. I love working with startups because every day is different and you’ll never know what’s next.”

-From the Codelation website

About Codelation

Codelation helps turn big ideas into reality through web development, app building, marketing, startup consulting, and more!


“A headless CMS that allows developers to easily create and manage content for their applications. It has a user-friendly interface and can be customized to fit specific needs. We love it because it removes a very large amount of overhead that you would need to implement otherwise, while also allowing very granular control over how data is stored and maintained.”


“A platform for building web applications that combines the best parts of client-side and server-side rendering. This allows developers to create fast, dynamic applications that are also SEO-friendly. We love it because it has fantastic developer experience built-in, as well as directly integrating with our design system Chakra-UI.”


“A modern static site generator that allows developers to build websites with modern web technologies like React, Vue, and Svelte. It offers a great developer experience and generates performant sites. We love Astro because it allows for extremely rapid development and very responsive websites.”


“A cloud platform that offers a wide range of services for developers, including cloud computing, storage, and databases. It is highly scalable and reliable, making it a great choice for applications of all sizes. We love AWS for the ease of deploying projects, keeping them running, and the security controls it provides.”


“A tool for testing APIs that allows developers to create and send requests, view responses, and debug issues. It offers a great user interface and is essential for building and testing APIs. We love it because it makes testing APIs incredibly easy, and allows us to perfect our API calls and responses, without needing to have a full working front end to trigger those requests.”

Chakra UI

“A set of customizable UI components for React that help developers quickly create beautiful and accessible interfaces. It offers great documentation and is easy to use. We love it because it allows us to ideate quickly and forego all of the tedious styling that comes with writing CSS manually.”


“A productivity tool that allows developers to organize their work and collaborate with others. It offers a wide range of features, including note-taking, project management, and knowledge management, all in one place. We love it because it makes taking and sharing notes a breeze by providing shared team access and fully searchable documents.”

A Look Back at The 2020 List

Codelation was featured in our 2020 Tech on Tech Issue. Check out the recommendations they gave to us back then. Some may still be very helpful for your business!


At Codelation we use Slack, a messaging software, for a lot of different communication between team members. We use it for instant messaging between team members and for communication with some of our customers.

Why they like it: Most software engineers are pretty introverted and prefer to communicate with gifs instead of conversation. Plus, it really helps save on the emails back and forth because you can organize projects by conversations. Open workspaces can be too noisy to be productive. This keeps the office volume at a workable level. One of the nicer aspects of it in our field is that it allows us to screen share to show each other what we’re working on without having to get up and stand over the other person’s shoulder.”


“Our customers aren’t always local. Zoom allows us to conference in customers as well by just sending them a web link. It works with office phones, cell phones, and computers. Zoom also sends automated meeting links to everyone’s calendars.

Why they like it: It helps us talk to potential customers, and we’ve found that sometimes a 15-minute phone call can save three hours of emails.”


“There are many different Customer Relationship Manager softwares, or CRMs, out there. The CRM we use at Codelation Is the Gmail-based Copper. Our sales team uses it to track contacts, leads, and sales.

Why they like it: It helps with automated meeting settings. We can send customers a link to a synced calendar and they pick a time they want to meet.


“After a solid morning of coding, sometimes you need a break. One of the hardest questions coworkers deal with is where should we go to lunch? For this, we use Push Save. Push Save was developed out of Fargo, and this app offers a variety of coupons to various restaurants that the purchaser gets to pick from. When it’s time to go to lunch, users can just look for one of the deals from a restaurant they picked when signing up.

Why they like it: It helps with automated meeting settings. We can send customers a link to a synced calendar and they pick a time they want to meet. Why they like it: Not only is it a locally-founded software, but a portion of the proceeds from each coupon package purchased goes to a local organization the buyer gets to choose as well. It’s a great way to save money, give back to organizations, and lift up our development community.”

Adobe Creative Cloud

“This is a subscription-based creative software we use for basically all of our marketing material creation. All graphic and video work is made in one of the programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. We also partner with on-demand creative partners of Many Pixels, Penji, and Fiverr

Why they like it: The Adobe suite helps us with graphic art, audio, and video production, as well as a variety of different services if we have too much on our plate.”

Garage Band

“Sometimes you just keep it simple. We use Garage Band to edit sound together for our podcasts.

Why they like it: It’s pretty easy to use, and was on the desktop of my Mac when we started recording our podcast last summer. It has worked well for what we are using it for. There are a lot more uses for it in music production.”

Apple TV

“Apple TV is a little extension box that plugs into any screen with HDMI outputs, then it wirelessly displays laptop screens to basically any TV. This has a lot of different applications as well.

Why they like it: We like to sync my computer to our “trade show only” display TV. Once a month, we will have a team-building pizza party where we watch funny YouTube videos we all collect and save in a Google spreadsheet. This screen sharing is nice for actual trade shows, as well as client presentations in different locations and meeting rooms.

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