The Giving Touch: How Massage Therapist Karissa Brusseau Gives Back

Written by: Brady Drake

Photo by Hilary Ehlen

Karissa Brusseau, owner of Lotus Touch in West Fargo, believes in using life’s struggles to make the world a better place. She has expanded her awareness to give to others with compassion through her life experiences. 

In fact, Brusseau began her massage and reiki education because she wanted to help her father David G. Brown, a Vietnam Veteran who served in the 173rd Airborne Brigade, with pain that was the result of several health conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

Her practice expanded because of her mother Valorie Brown.

“My mother gave so much of herself as a caregiver to her family, friends and community,” Brusseau said. “Because of this, I wanted to learn how to help heal the caregivers of the world,” Brusseau said.

That first-hand view of true care led Brusseau to become a Certified Advanced Soul Coach, which she says helps her lead her clients to a life of self-care and authenticity. 

We here at Fargo INC! think it’s important to highlight individuals like Brusseau who live in the spirit of Giving Hearts Day, so we sat down with her to talk about why being charitable is important to her.

Giving is our hearts medicine. Karissa Brusseau

What charitable contributions have you made/are you involved with? 

The charitable contributions that I give to are widespread throughout the community. I give to Ronald McDonald House, The Little Red Reading Bus in West Fargo, Hope Blooms, YMCA and YWCA. 

How do you give back on Giving Heart’s day? 

I talk about Giving Hearts Day in order to spread awareness. I have been in the massage and healing community for almost 18 years and I am blessed to have so many beautiful people in my life that are driven to make the world more loving. 

Do you have a personal experience driving you to support one of these organizations? 

Every year, I walk into the doors of the Ronald McDonald House and give with my children. We give food, toys, books and money. We ask that the donations be used for family stays, just like our loved ones did for us. 

I was born with a heart condition known as Transposition of the Great Vessels and so was my son Colten. Ronald McDonald House was our home away from home for 18 days with him when he was having open-heart-surgery in Minneapolis. I will always give back to them anyway I can and support them because of what they gave to my family on our journey. I teach my children that giving is our heart’s medicine. We need to give to ourselves, our families and community if we want to change the world. 

Is Giving Hearts Day particularly special to you? 

Giving Hearts Day means a lot to me because I see the impact of gathering with others that have the same mission and purpose. It is very powerful when people get together with one vision to change the consciousness of the community. When Giving Hearts Day circles around each year, I can deeply feel the impact in the community. It runs a deep parallel to my purpose at Lotus Touch, guiding people to live a heart-centered life. 

How do you give back during the rest of the year? 

Throughout the year my favorite way to give is my time in my services. I gift the people in my circle who are in deep grief and moving through transitions in life a safe place to be still and vulnerable. I gift them a compassionate touch with the grace to listen. 

What drives you? 

Love is what drives me… Connection is what happens. 

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