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Written by: Andrew Jason

Photo by Hilary Ehlen

Nodak Insurance Company knows that giving back isn’t only good for employee morale, it’s good for the bottom line.

A Culture of Giving Back

When Jim Alexander, President and CEO, took over Nodak Insurance, he recognized that there was already a culture of giving back to the communities they live and work in. In fact, that wasn’t something he just recognized about Nodak, it was something he saw about the community of North Dakota as a whole. 

“I think this community is really big on giving back,” said Alexander. “It just fits that we’re a company that’s approaching 75-years old. We’ve always been here. We’re a North Dakota company. That’s a part of being a North Dakota company and North Dakota people and giving back and belonging to the community.”

As the saying goes, if culture eats strategy for breakfast, the giveback mentality at Nodak Insurance is not only helping the community, it’s helping the bottom line. 

“In our business, we help people in their time of need,” said Alexander. “We’re an insurance company. If somebody is in an auto accident or somebody’s home burns down, that’s what we do. We’re here to help. I think that goes in line with what our business is. It’s helping people that are down on their luck or in times of trouble, giving back and being involved and part of the community.”

Giving Hearts Day

Every year, thousands of people get involved with Giving Hearts Day, which is a 24-hour day of giving that’s facilitated by Dakota Medical Foundation. Last year, 30,675 people donated $16.3 million to 440 charities. A few years ago, Nodak began doing their part to support this worthy cause.

For the last three years, Nodak has encouraged employees to give to their favorite nonprofit. If an employee gave at the minimum $10 level, they were put into a drawing for an additional $100 toward their charity of choice. If they gave $20, they were entered into a drawing for $250. Each year, they’ve seen increased participation. Happening again on Feb. 13, 2020, they expect even more participation this year. 

“A few years ago, we talked about Giving Hearts Day and really stepping up and pushing other opportunities for our employees to give back to the communities and charities they were passionate about,” said Alexander. “I think that Giving Hearts Day does provide a tremendous amount of flexibility. People choose from a wide range of who they want to support from Ronald McDonald House to Habitat for Humanity to something to do with animal rescue.”

The People Behind the Company

OK, yes, we know that giving back to worthy causes is important but shouldn’t that be on individuals? Well, a company is only as good as its team. That’s one of the reasons businesses supporting nonprofits is so important. 

“I think it’s good to put that human connection with a corporate company so that we’re not just a name and a building,” said Beth DuFault, Marketing Specialist for Nodak Insurance. “People want to do business with companies who are giving and who are a part of their community.”  

Again, a company is only as good as its team, so why not encourage your team to be their best?

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