Sheyenne Johnson, Realtor, Prime Realty

Written by: Brady Drake

Tell us about yourself.

[I was ] born and raised in the Fargo-Moorhead area! I graduated from MSUM with a degree in Exercise Science—living an active and healthy lifestyle is something I am extremely passionate about. I have a 4-year-old son who is sassy, smart and so much fun. Career-wise, I am a Realtor at Prime Realty and enjoy working with others in the process of buying, selling or building a home! Traveling, coffee, working out and spending time with loved ones are just a few of my favorite things.

I have been licensed since 2019. I originally worked as an office manager/transaction coordinator for Prime Realty. In July of 2021, I entered back into the work of real estate and began working as an agent!

I love working with and helping others. As someone who puts a lot of heart into their work, I strive to ensure my clients feel seen and heard.

Who are some people who have been influential in your journey and why?

My parents. My dad has taught me the value of working hard and being responsible. My mom has taught me the value of treating everyone with kindness and respect.

What drives you?

Stepping outside of my comfort zone to seek my potential in all areas of life. I enjoy learning and growing and am always curious about what’s next.

What are some important lessons you have learned in your lifetime?

My mom always told me growing up “this too shall pass.” It is a great reminder to keep going and things have a way of working out as they are meant to.

What are some of your favorite things to do in our community?

Going to coffee shops to work or [to] simply sit and enjoy conversation with others, attending various events, strolling the farmers market in the summer, supporting small businesses, staying active by going for walks [and] going to the gym or getting a good workout at F45.

What is your dream job and why?

I don’t know if I have a “dream job” exactly, I more so have a dream lifestyle. I know I enjoy helping others, traveling, skincare/ aesthetics, real estate, health and fitness… so if there is something that involves any or all of those that allows me to have time freedom, I’m all for it. Until then, I’ll keep pondering what my “dream job” would entail!

Do you have any book or podcast recommendations for our readers?

“The Mindset Mentor” with Rob Dial. They are short and to the point so they are perfect while getting ready in the morning, in the car or anytime I need a little uplift. The episodes are all focused around how to change your perspective/mindset to be able to tackle your day in a more positive and efficient approach.

“The Joe Rogan Experience.” The episodes of this podcast are lengthier, but it is always so interesting to hear a wide variety of stories and life experiences from individuals. As someone who doesn’t follow the news or pop culture closely, the real, raw and blunt conversations are not only refreshing, but I feel as though I am learning something new with each episode.

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