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Photo Recap: AAF-ND’s TV Timeout

AAF-ND's TV Timeout

Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

Everyone’s a critic on Super Bowl Sunday.

The advertising industry’s single-biggest night of the year is more or less a chance for tens of millions of people — the same people they’re trying to woo — to decide which companies nailed it and which missed the mark entirely.

AAF-ND's TV Timeout

This year, the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota decided to get in on the fun, hosting “TV Timeout” a few days after the big game.

AAF-ND's TV Timeout

Featuring a panel of local creative leaders, it was a chance for young professionals, marketing enthusiasts, and pop-culture consumers alike to come together for a play-byplay critique of the best and worst commercials shown during football’s marquee matchup.

AAF-ND's TV Timeout

Just Checking In!

AAF-ND's TV Timeout

Local television personality and event moderator Kristi Larson making her grand entrance to the Fargo Theatre.

AAF-ND's TV Timeout

Max Kringen, founder and CEO of Tellwell, a local content and storytelling agency, enjoying the festivities (we think).

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