Navigating the Shifting Landscape: Insights from the 2023 Fargo Compliance and Benefits Summit

Written by: Grant Ayers

HUB International Hosts a Knowledge-Packed Event to Equip Businesses for the Year Ahead

In a year marked by change and new beginnings, HUB International successfully hosted the highly anticipated 2023 Fargo Compliance and Benefits Summit on April 13. Held at the Radisson Blu Fargo, the full-day event brought together industry leaders, professionals, and experts for a comprehensive exploration of employee benefits compliance, health and wellness strategies, and more.

Did You Know?
Rachel Thurs, an employee of HUB International, was included among YWCA Cass Clay’s 2023 Women of The Year nominees!

With a packed agenda featuring renowned speakers and a range of informative breakout sessions, the summit aimed to provide attendees with the latest guidance on federal and state mandates, necessary disclosures, benefits reporting, and evolving employment regulations. As an added bonus, all sessions were certified for continuing education credit through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

The summit commenced with an engaging morning keynote presented by Cory Jorbin, Esq., Chief Compliance Officer of West Region at HUB International. Jorbin shed light on the critical updates regarding employee benefits compliance for 2023, equipping attendees with the knowledge needed to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to attend breakout sessions led by industry experts. Topics covered a wide range of essential areas, ensuring attendees received comprehensive insights into key compliance and benefits subjects. Among the sessions, “The SECURE Act 2.0 – Key Provisions Affecting Retirement Plans” presented by Pat Fay, Retirement Plan Advisor at HUB International, addressed the latest developments in retirement planning. Another informative session, “Workforce Absence Management: What Employers Need to Know in 2023,” delivered by Trevor Watson, AVP of Workforce Absence Management at HUB International, provided valuable guidance on navigating employee leave laws and absence management.

HUB by the Numbers

  • 5th largest insurance broker in the world
  • 7th largest employee benefits broker in North America
  • 2M+ clients around the globe
  • 530+ offices across North America
  • 15,000+ employees throughout North America

New Name, Same Great Service

HUB International expands employee benefits solutions with the acquisition of Great North Insurance Services of West Fargo, ND. With this move, the team is excited to have HUB’s vast resources and in-house expertise at their fingertips—known for their creativity in building benefits programs to maximize value for clients.

The lunch session, “QEX: The Modern Approach to Employee-Centric Benefits,” featured Brett Sesker and Jeff Jorth of HUB International, who introduced attendees to the innovative concept of Qualifying Employee Experience (QEX). Exploring how employee-centric benefits can drive organizational success, Sesker and Jorth showcased strategies designed to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

The afternoon breakout sessions continued to deliver actionable insights. “Pharmacy Trends: What Benefit Pros Need to Know in 2023” by Jack Tew, VP of Business Development at RxBenefits, provided a comprehensive overview of the evolving pharmacy landscape and its implications for benefits professionals. Walter Fagan, VP and Regional Director of Employee Benefits Technology at HUB International, led a session titled “Workforce Technology Vendor & Platform Selection: How to Avoid Vendor Regret!” This session gave attendees the tools to make informed decisions when selecting technology solutions to meet their workforce needs.

Fran Scott, Health and Performance Practice Leader at HUB International closed the summit with an impactful keynote on “Mental Health as a Business Strategy.” Scott highlighted the increasing importance of mental health initiatives within organizations, emphasizing their role in driving productivity, employee well-being, and overall business success.

“The era of one-size-fits-all benefits is over. Our team at HUB offers a full range of products & services custom fit for each of our client’s needs. Our top priority is helping employers put together a benefits package that not only positively supports each culture, but offers a wide variety of services to help navigate any HR challenges that come up. Rely on HUB for the expertise, capabilities (HR technology), and analytic tools you need to meet your changing employee benefits needs.” Trish Sorenson, Account Administrator

The summit’s lineup of esteemed speakers brought a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the event, ensuring attendees received valuable insights from across the industry

With its focus on delivering practical solutions, fostering networking opportunities, and providing continuing education credits, the 2023 Fargo Compliance and Benefits Summit proved to be a valuable resource for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the ever-changing compliance landscape. The event not only equipped attendees with the latest information but also empowered them to develop effective strategies for the year ahead.

As organizations adjust to changing rules and focus on employee well-being, the Compliance and Benefits Summit provided a valuable opportunity to explore new ideas, share thoughts, and build relationships. HUB International’s strong dedication to hosting this event shows its unwavering support for businesses in the Fargo community and beyond.

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