At Jasper Hotel Fargo, Events Are Done Differently

Written by: Geneva Nodland

Nothing sticks with guests or clients more than an impressionable event or having your organization be remembered for putting together said event. Now that’s an exceptional business. But it’s not an exceptional business that should drive you to host a good time, it’s building a curated moment for your community—and there’s no better way to do that than with a memorable space to enjoy the time in.

Jasper Hotel has positioned itself in the center of the metro cities’ heart, offering a shimmering look at the prairie both inside its towering walls and out from the tallest Terrace view. The boutique hotel is part of the multi-use Block 9 tower, neighboring the bustling Broadway Square, and surrounded by the vibrant community of downtown Fargo. It’s no coincidence that the hotel, which places high significance on the history of North Dakota, sits in such a purposeful position in town; or that it interprets the state in countless ways including through the decor, composition, and even food. No, it’s all by design that Jasper is so reflective of its surroundings while flaunting a modern feel to the edges, and that, of course, does not exclude its diverse meeting spaces.

You may have heard the word “dynamic” used to describe a space, but what does that really mean?

By definition, dynamic means something that shows change, activity, or progress. When applied to a space it simply means that it has the ability to accommodate a wide variety of setups and visions for different events. What makes dynamic spaces so important is that they are adaptable, so attendees’ needs are not only met but have room to grow and flourish—no matter if the event is a conference to share ideas, a dinner to commemorate a team’s achievement or any other unique celebration.

The best part? A complete team to bring your vision to life, to work with you to find the best space, best additions, and best way to execute your event’s mission.

Let’s take a tour through the dynamic spaces that Jasper Hotel offers, bridging class with comfort, adventure with home, and prairie with city life.


The Details:

Reserving spaces at the Jasper Lounge is a customized experience. Reach out directly to their sales team at [email protected] to discuss your next event!

Your first steps into the Jasper will bring you into one of the hotel’s main purposes—community. As Jasper’s Director of Lifestyle Emily Olsen said, “Our lounge is designed with a company in mind.”

You immediately see a warm environment, complete with various seating and a bar arched underneath a beautifully tiled design. The aroma of the hearth fire pulls you further into the inviting space.

No matter if an event is held right in the lounge itself, or all the way to the fifth-floor Terrace, guests will be captivated at first impression.

Great Northern Boardroom

The Details:

  • 656 square-feet
  • Seats 18
  • Leather swivel chairs

With a picturesque view overlooking Broadway Square through floor-to-ceiling windows, the Great North Boardroom is sleek yet historic with notes of Nordic quilts in the carpet designs.

Named after the Great Northern Railroad, this 5th-floor space was designed with the same idea—to be a connector of people, places, and ideas.

The room is equipped with a 75-inch TV and state-of-the-art Neat Bar® technology for easy-to-use virtual meetings.

Continental Ballroom & Terrace

Open and airy with floor-to-ceiling windows covering over half of the walls, the Continental Ballroom is a large space with even bigger potential. The variety of events that have been held here range from wedding celebrations, one-act dinner shows, birthday celebrations, and more.

Proving its dynamic qualities, the Ballroom’s large space can be divided to further customize an event.

This space also serves a banquet menu from the Nordic-inspired, contemporary restaurant, Jasper’s own Rosewild.

Beautiful, modern chandeliers decorate the ceilings, but those won’t be the lighting that guests will be concerned with. The Ballroom is surrounded by the 5th-floor Terrace, giving you a spectacular panoramic view of the Red River Valley

The Details:

  • 3800 square-feet
  • Pre-function space available
  • 250 guest capacity
  • Access to Terrace

Under the North Dakota skies, the Terrace provides guests with an open-air concept as the space connects with the Ballroom. Not much compares to the expansive sunsets that stretch across the state, and guests elevate that golden hour experience by experiencing it from an unbeatable view.

Jasper’s Two-Year Celebration!

The Details:

  • 1500 square-feet
  • 90 guest capacity
  • Available for rental with Continental Ballroom

Last month, the Jasper celebrated two years with a Big Sleepover Event! The night filled with nostalgia included everything a good sleepover should, pajamas, pillows, a VHS classic—Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—popcorn, snacks, spiked punch, a slice of pizza, and a dance party DJ’d by DJ 1PrettyRicky! Showcasing the perfect example of just how creative and detailed Jasper’s team can get for any event!

Rosewild Patio & Private Dining

The Details:

  • 75-person maximum
  • Perimeted by floral to separate at the edge of Broadway Square, but gives full access to all events.
  • Twinkling lights above the patio, to ease into the evening.
  • Both table seating & Adirondack-style chairs for more lounge-style gatherings.
  • Best for corporate cocktail events, work gatherings, and casual large groups wanting a cocktail and appetizer-style experience rather than a full dinner.

An endless amount of pages could be filled with the delicious details of Rosewild, from its farm-to-table dining, homey hearth cooking methods, traditional produce preservation, and crafted seasonal menus; but something that truly sets this space apart is the potential for collaboration within these spaces.

The Rosewild Patio unites a personalized experience with community engagement. Bridging together the floral-decorated reserved area and the lively Broadway Square, the patio itself gives a front-row seat to the community.

Groups can reserve the patio for their own experience, without being disjointed from the action of downtown.

Inversely, there are events that warrant some privacy, yet want a catered experience. Inside Rosewild’s Private Dining area, guests will find just that.

The Private Dining at Roeswild offers the same delectable flavors, same picturesque interior, and same quality service that you’ll find in Rosewild, but in a customized, intimate experience, hosting events like bridal and baby showers, pharmaceutical dinners, and private dinners for large group events, and more!

Why are these spaces important?

The Details:

  • 18-person maximum.
  • Floral-decorate wall for photos.
  • TV complete with HMDI & Screen Share capabilities.
  • Large picture window looking out at Broadway Square.
  • Best for more formal style events with full brunch, lunch, or dinner coursed service.
  • Features frosted windows to allow for privacy.

“Jasper Hotel presents the community with variety— our city has amazing meeting space opportunities all around us, but Jasper Hotel’s meeting spaces are truly unique in their offerings,” Emily explained. “Not only are the spaces gorgeous and intentionally designed, but they also provide guests with a space to meet a step away from phenomenal local businesses, destinations, and experiences that can be enjoyed off the clock. Plus, at the end of a day of gathering, guests can hit the hay in the same space for a supremely convenient experience.”

Book any of these exclusive meeting spaces for your event by visiting:

Jasper Hotel

215 Broadway N, Fargo
Facebook: /jasperhotelfargo
Instagram: @jasper.fargo

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