More Than Bankers; Meet the People Behind Border Bank

Written by: Brady Drake

If you have been a longtime reader of this magazine, you know about Border Bank. Their commitment to responsiveness and relationship-building have been well documented in the past pages of Fargo INC! But, do you really know Kory Shae, Jordan Cook, and Dan Doeden? If you don’t, you should!

Meet Kory Shae

Kory Shae, Corporate President, has called the Fargo- Moorhead area home since graduating from Minnesota State University Moorhead. He lives with his wife, Kristi, who grew up in the same town as him, Ulen, MN, his 14-year-old son, Carson, who just got his learner’s permit, and, last but not least, their five-year-old red poodle, Charlie.

“I have a really special family,” Kory said.

Kory’s love for his family is evident, and he makes sure that the majority of his hobbies are shared with those closest to him.

“I love playing golf and Carson and I play a lot together.” I like playing by myself as well, but I really enjoy playing with Carson,” Kory said. “He also shoots traps through the school. I shoot traps as well, but because he does that with the school, we don’t do it together much. However, we do hunt together and I really enjoy that.”

Other activities that Kory does with his family include lots of skiing on Detroit Mountain, relaxing at their cabin on Long Lake, and jet skiing.

Like most people, Kory also has a need for solitude at times.

“I like to read,” Kory said. “I read a lot of Malcolm Gladwell, Ryan Holiday, and a lot of business-style reading. I’ve also always been very into quantitative mathematics so I’ve read a lot of books about mathematics and statistics as well. Outside of reading, I also really like to hunt. I love hunting with Carson—we hunt a lot of pheasants and things like that in Minnesota—but right now, he’s not quite ready for some of the bigger hunts that I like to do in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. I really enjoy those. I really enjoy the primal nature of the hunting and the solitude of the mountains.”

Kory Shae the Banker

“The bank is here to serve the needs of the clients and I’m involved in the strategy around that. I also meet with clients and really work to understand the marketplace and understand what’s happening with them. I’m able to shift and make decisions for the bank and that allows us to be able to meet their needs going forward whereas at a multinational bank, you’re not going to get that. So, a big part of my role really is accessibility.”

-Kory Shae

Meet Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook, Market President, is a proud father in a budding young family.

Jordan and his wife Hannah, who married in 2014, have two children—a son, Julius, who will turn six in August, and a daughter, Haven, who will turn three in July.

“With the age that they are at right now, parenting is really an all-day thing from when they get up to when they go to bed at night,” Jordan said. “But they’re awesome kids. They’re both funny and they’re completely different from each other. Julius has blond hair and blue eyes like me and is very soft, and very sweet—he loves being in the action and around people. Haven looks more like my wife and she is kind of a tough little girl who loves her mom. They get along great together.”

Thankfully, Jordan and his wife both have family nearby, allowing them to get some free time every once in a while.

“Our kids are getting to an age where they are pretty easy to take care of and we are very thankful that our parents are able to help out,” Jordan said. “This year, we were able to take about a week-long trip to Palm Desert and I think that going forward, that’s going to be our goal, to take one extended vacation together a year. For smaller things, we try to get away for golf or a date night or meet up with friends. I’m also a huge Ohio State football fan and my wife and I got to go to a game in Columbus this year. She loved it and said now we’re going to have to go every year. I’m not mad about that.”

The Cooks also have a cabin on Otter Tail Lake and love going to the lake almost every weekend in the summer.

“My kids love it out there. They get to see their cousins and get ice cream, and fires, and pontoon rides, and they get to swim—it’s super fun.”

Jordan the Banker

“Work is a big thing for me. I love what I’m doing. I think what differentiates Border is that we’re very personal. If you work with us, you’ve got our cell phone numbers and we’re available at any time.”

-Jordan Cook

Cole Papers

“We are very fortunate to have a relationship with a client like Cole Papers. Chuck, Connor, Cole, and Brian are all great people. We have golfed with them. We have gotten dinners and lunches with them. They’ve grown considerably over the last few years and it is an honor to be able to help them out.”


“In 2022, Aubree Leiser purchased Interoffice and
we were the bank that was able to facilitate that purchase. I’ve gotten to know her so much better and we’ve grown it a lot. She and her husband are such fun people to visit with. They’re down-to-earth and are hard workers, she’s always working. That really aligns with our culture too—we’re workers. We also work to have a really deep understanding of each other.”

Meet Dan Doeden

Dan Doeden, a familiar name in Fargo-Moorhead’s financial services industry, is the newest addition to the Border Bank team after joining as Chief Banking Officer this spring.

Doeden, a family man, has spent the last 22 years raising his family. His eldest daughter, Emily, just graduated from Colorado Christian University. His middle child, Madison, just finished her freshman year at Bethel University. And his youngest child, Tanner, just spent his sophomore year at Park Christian School.

All of them golf competitively and share a deep passion for the sport, and it’s no wonder why. Their father golfed collegiately at Wyoming and played in tournaments alongside the great Tiger Woods.

“A lot of what we do as a family revolves around golf, and, although, Tammy doesn’t play golf, we both love to watch and support the kids. We also try to get together as a family for two or three weeks in July and go to Brainerd where we just hang out and relax and, of course, golf. We like to do some hiking and are heavily involved in church and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In fact, Tammy has coordinated an FCA summer girls golf camp for the past 10 years.”

Dan has also been a mentor to his kids and has coached golf at Park Christian for the past 11 years.

“It is a lot more stressful watching than playing,” Dan said. “But it has been fun being able to watch them grow on and off the course.”

Dan the Banker

“I enjoy meeting clients where they are at in their business development journey. Our clients and I also appreciate Border Bank’s culture of providing quick response times and local decision-making.”

-Dan Doeden

Now you know a little bit about the Border Bank team, reach out if you’d like to get to know them more!


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