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Written by: Josiah Kopp

Mobile Pro’s Unique Approach to Industry Success

You have a big event coming up, and you’re feeling the pressure of making it a home run with your guests. Maybe you’ve worked with live production crews in the past and the experience was overwhelming. With so many moving pieces that go into an event, that’s completely understandable, which is why you need a team that’s going to make everything from planning to execution a breeze. That’s exactly where Mobile Pro shines. From lighting, sound, video and visuals, the team at Mobile Pro are your go-to gurus for an out-of-the-park successful event. The team at Mobile Pro is here to make your next event a huge success, all while relieving pressure from you, the client. 

Nick Walters switching live video content at a morning event in Grand Forks

Sustainability in the Live Productivity Industry

One of the hallmarks that Mobile Pro prides itself on is sustainability within the live production industry. By nature, live production is a high-pressure industry, covering numerous events back-to-back-to-back. That’s why CEO Brian Bestge is laserfocused on creating not just a great experience for clients, but also creating a sustainable ecosystem for his team. What that looks like for Bestge is having the ability to invest in his crew and support a robust, experienced team, creating efficiencies, and encouraging a work-life balance.

 “We have a lot of people who were with us when we started Mobile Pro that are still with us,” Bestge said. “So when we talk about sustainability, it’s consistency to the client, and it’s consistency to the overall product we’re putting out.”

One of Bestge’s main goals for Mobile Pro is to support that sustainable growth. To achieve that, Bestge is future-focused and open-minded, always looking at new opportunities and unique ways to create outstanding experiences for clients, whether that’s implementing new technologies or pushing the envelope on what is “possible.” At the end of the day, Bestge’s mission is to make a positive difference for the client and for the community

Another way Bestge is helping promote sustainability is by giving his team the leadership to be creative in making each event unique. Mobile Pro often works with nonprofits that rely on the success of their fundraising event for a prosperous year of operation, so there’s a lot at stake in making their event enjoyable and memorable for their guests. Additionally, some clients don’t have a solid idea of what they need, and look to Mobile Pro to provide expert recommendations, thinking outside the box offering innovative and unique solutions.

3 ways I’m investing in my biggest asset: My Team

Commentary from Brian Bestge, CEO, Mobile Pro

1. Have a positive work environment:
“I always say that we’re in a foxhole together. You need to know that the person on your right and the person on your left has your back. And so we constantly are trying to do team development so that they understand that they have to trust each other in order to make sure that this is a team effort, not an individual effort.”

2. Work-Life Balance:
“Mobile Pro is all about work-life balance; if team members need to take time off, the rest of the team has your back. It’s that flexibility component. I think we are constantly trying to work around people’s schedules, and then they work around our schedules as well.”

3. Compensation:
“We are constantly looking at a package that can make somebody go, ‘You know what, I see a long-term commitment to this company because they see a long-term commitment in me.”

Before (top) and after (bottom) shows how Mobile Pro is able to take a space and magically transform it to fit any style or theme of event, creating an unforgettable experience.

Whitney Wright, Executive Director of Client Services

The entire process of working with the Mobile Pro team couldn’t be more seamless. From day one of booking an event, Whitney Wright, executive director of client services is at the forefront of communication with the client, asking all the right questions to ensure a seamless planning and estimation process. This is especially important when working with nonprofits on fundraising events. “We want [our clients’ fundraisers] to be super successful, so that drives us to do things differently,” Wright said.

Once Wright has confirmed the booking and their vision for the event, Mobile Pro’s Director of Client Experience Shannon Jacobson takes the baton. Jacobson is there from beginning to end to make sure the client has a great experience and every detail of planning is treated with care. “The best part of my job is working with my production crew to bring our client’s vision to life.”

Shannon Jacobson, Director of Client Experience

“We often work directly with the venue and hired event planners to ensure everyone has the same details and is on the same page. The more we can correspond directly with each other helps to alleviate that stress from the client,” Jacobson said. “We will also coordinate details and answer questions with keynote and breakout session speakers, musical acts, and other talents to ensure all of their technology requirements are met.”

But what if you as the client aren’t sure of everything you want? Rest assured—as the live production experts, Jacobson and the Mobile Pro team are always ready to provide thoughtful recommendations and guide the initiative for the best possible outcome.

“Whether it’s a gala fundraiser, an important company meeting, or a multi-day conference, first impressions play a major role in event success. We’re here to be the experts in production,” Jacobson reassures. “Tell us your vision and with a few answered questions we can offer our insight and suggest the right technologies to make your guests’ experience unforgettable from the moment they step in the room.”

This is the moment! It’s the day of your event, and it’s time to bring every planned detail to life. This is where Video Specialist Nick Walters (more from him on the next page) and the rest of the technical team come in, executing every detail seamlessly behind the scenes, ensuring the entire event runs smoothly and creates an impactful experience engaging all the senses.

And it doesn’t end when the night is over; after each event, Jacobson sends out a survey to the client and internal meetings are held to ensure constant room for growth and efficiencies. For them, it’s all about finding a formula that works and then personalizing each experience so that every event is unique from the next.

This approach has proven to be successful for the Mobile Pro team, as they’re continuing to reach new growth goals and setting themselves apart as a long-term player in the industry; as other businesses are scaling back, Mobile Pro is scaling up.

As Mobile Pro continues to grow, Bestge’s hope is that people will be attracted to Mobile Pro’s journey and mission, whether working with them as a client or joining the team. When you work with Mobile Pro as a client, you’re treated like family: “We always call our clients family members, because you become part of the family once you’re a Mobile Pro client,” Bestge said. “And even with our employees, it’s the same thing. We’re a family. We look at the person as a whole not just as an asset that does work for us.”

With values like this in place, it’s no wonder people love working with Mobile Pro and continue working with them year after year. Mobile Pro isn’t just another live production crew—they go above and beyond the status quo, from providing unforgettable experiences for clients and longlasting nurturing for team members. Below are a couple of client testimonials on why they love working with Mobile Pro for their events, as well as hear from Nick Walters, one of Mobile Pro’s team members, on why he loves working at Mobile Pro and learn about what his role looks like.

What Their Clients Say

“Mobile Pro is the production company we at the University of Jamestown use for a variety of events but primarily, our annual gala fundraiser, Dine and Bid. Mobile Pro constantly takes our events to the next level, which is why we have worked with them for over 10 years and counting! Their attention to detail and wide array of equipment is perfect for any themed event we could ever envision. Their staff is accommodating, creative, and diligent in creating the best production possible.”- BRYCE NYBO, UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN

“Mobile Pro has been our go-to event production company at BIO Girls for years. Brian and his team have never failed to fuel our event vision with creativity and passion. Each year they bring new ideas to the table to help us share our mission in unique ways. Their organization, communication, and ability to go above and beyond are unmatched! This fall will be our fourth gala produced by Mobile Pro.”- MACY KRAEMER, BIO GIRLS

Q&A Testimonial from Mobile Pro Team Member

Q: What’s it like being a video specialist at Mobile Pro?

A: My role at events consists of going through and making sure my team has all the tech in the right place to execute each live event-everything from camera selection, video switcher selection, video playback control, managing lighting, and making sure every detail is just right for the client.

Q: What has the feedback looked like from clients after working with Mobile Pro for an event?

A: One thing that Mobile Pro does really well is working with the client and creating great communication from day one all the way leading up to the event. This level of communication and professionalism often surprises clients, because they’ve never worked with a crew like Mobile Pro which prides itself in meeting the client’s needs to this level.

Q: How has Mobile Pro’s great communication created better efficiencies for both you and the client?

A: I used to work in television news, so, I was handed a script every night. I can’t imagine not having a script-it’s important. A lot of things can be overwhelming for the client, but that’s where my job comes in.

Q: What are the two things you love most about working at Mobile Pro?

A: First, this is a job that most people don’t realize even exists. Oftentimes I just sit back and say, “Wow, this is pretty cool!’ I also really like the flexibility that Mobile Pro offers.

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