Meet The Editorial Board: Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons

Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce
Vice President of Finance and Operations and Interim CEO

Photo by J. Alan Paul

Jim Parsons is the Vice President of Finance and Operations and Interim CEO for the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, an organization of more than 2,100 public, private and non-profit entities throughout North Dakota, Minnesota and beyond.

Parsons has been with The Chamber for almost 20 years, starting his career in 2000 as the Business Services Coordinator. Previous to that, he had worked in banking and transportation. 

Parsons has a B.A. degree in Accounting from Moorhead State University. He completed his IOM certification, graduating from the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management in 2012.

Parsons and his wife Michele are both natives of North Dakota. They live in West Fargo and have five adult children, 10 grandchildren, and two dogs.

What is your favorite thing about your professional life?

Getting to learn about and be part of the great things happening in our community.

Three unique facts about yourself

  1. I actually enjoy snow-blowing, and even blow half of the backyard for my dogs.
  2. I have to mow a lawn in straight lines
  3. I like cooking comfort foods.

What are some of your favorite things about the Fargo-Moorhead area?

We have caring, considerate people willing to help anyone. We’ve positioned our community to be less affected by the economic downturn, and our vibrant business community and entrepreneurial system is not afraid to take calculated risks. Plus, we have a rich and reliable great educational system, from K-12 to world-class higher education institutions.

If you weren’t working in your current profession, what would you be doing?

Helping other people solve their problems in some kind of way.

What are some things you like to do in your spare time?

Coach my son’s sports teams, work on projects at home and at the lake, and help others with their projects.

What are three books or podcasts you recommend people check out?

  1. Make Your Bed by William McRaven
  2. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
  3. The Chamber Connection podcast that is coming out soon

If you could change or impact one thing in our business community, what would it be?

Besides getting through this pandemic, I’d want to give small businesses the tools they need to be successful, grow and thrive.

Why work with Fargo INC?

All of the Spotlight publications help propel our region forward, with interesting and relevant content and impressive design. It’s clear that the team is highly talented and passionate. We’re lucky to have this great resource for readers in our region.

What are three business tips you can give?

  1. Always deliver more than you promise.
  2. Listen don’t hear.
  3. There’s nothing wrong with MN/ND nice, but sometimes you have to say how you feel. Be honest and upfront.

Written by Brady Drake

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