Meet The Editorial Board: Andrew Jason

Written by: Brady Drake

Here at Fargo INC!, we push hard every month to put out great and useful content for our readers. Without the help of our editorial board, this would be much more difficult. Many of you already recognize members from our editorial board as they are instrumental in our business landscape. However, we think you deserve to know all of these great individuals.

Andrew’s entire professional career has been born out of a love of Fargo. During his almost nine years at Spotlight, Andrew worked his way up from unpaid intern to Editorial Director where he oversaw a team of a dozen talented staff in telling the story of Fargo-Moorhead’s growth. During those formative professional years, Andrew discovered the work that Emerging Prairie is doing. He is excited about the opportunity to continue growing Fargo into being nationally recognized for its entrepreneurial ecosystem. In his free time, you can find him hiking with his wife and dog, enjoying a beer at the breweries, playing piano or counting down the days until his next trip.

Several ADDY Awards
Minnesota Magazine Publishing Association feature award Wing eating competition at the Hub

What is your favorite thing about your professional life?

There’s a quote that goes, “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” I love the number of people I get to connect with and conversations I have everyday about the important problems and ideas facing our community. From entrepreneurs just launching their new business to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to the risk-takers in our community, I am inspired by those I interact with.

Three unique facts about yourself:

  1. I had open-heart surgery when I was 21 and have an artificial aortic valve. I’m very passionate about heart health.
  2. I’m a very anxious person. While I try and appear calm in a professional setting, I’m often a wreck internally. Overthinking things is often the biggest culprit of this.
  3. I’ve played piano for about 15 years and have recently started taking jazz piano lessons. I will not be quitting my day job anytime soon.

If you weren’t working in your current profession, what would you be doing?

My original major in college was music, I still have daydreams of being a professional musician.

What are some things you like to do in your spare time?

  • Lie in a hammock at my parents lake cabin
  • Play the piano
  • Travel to somewhere new
  • Discover a new brewery
  • Hike a new trail
  • I always have a new book by my bedside stand

What are some books or podcasts you recommend people check out?

  • Stuff You Should Know – I believe you never stop learning and this encourages that path.
  • TED Radio Hour – I’m a curious person and this plays to my love of new ideas. Curiosity leads to new ideas. Ideas lead to new initiatives. New initiatives lead to change in the world.

If you could change or impact one thing in our business community, what would it be?

We have a lot of work to do in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. Fargo is often a community built on connections, which is great in certain aspects, but can really hinder those who come to our community fresh. How can we welcome those who may not look like the traditional Fargo population?

Why work with Fargo INC?

There are many ways to reach consumers in our community but it’s important to have a dedicated voice for the business community. Fargo INC does just that.

What are three business tips you can give?

  1. Ideas are the basis of all good business. Never damper the input of ideas from your team.
  2. Leaders need to let people lead. I often find myself overstepping my bounds in terms of trying to be too hands-on with my team. If you’re going to mature and grow, you have to foster those beneath you to lead.
  3. Revenue follows good ideas. Not the other way around. Make sure your idea is solid and solves a real problem and then figure out how to monetize it.
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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.