Gate City Bank, Matt’s Automotive Service Center,VISIONBank And Bell Bank Know The Importance Of Giving Hearts Day!

Written by: Brady Drake

Gate City Bank

Gate City Bank

For a Better Way of Life® Gate City Bank strives to create a better way of life for customers, communities and team members, which ties in perfectly with the generosity of Giving Hearts Day. Indeed, giving hearts are at the core of who Gate City Bank is, and it shows every day. The Bank has participated in Giving Hearts Day for the past eight years, and recently reached its $1 million milestone in donations.

In 2021 alone, the Bank pledged to donate more than $250,000 to Giving Hearts Day charities. This commitment includes $75,000 for charities chosen by community members as part of the Bank’s annual Giving Hearts Day nomination contest. More than 214 charities have received Gate City Bank donations on Giving Hearts Day, and 230,000 nominations have been submitted.

This year, Gate City Bank also provided a new and innovative way for people to get involved by donating a 2021 Chevy Silverado for the first-ever Giving Hearts Day sweepstakes contest. The Bank brings even more fun to Giving Hearts day by offering matching gifts and making surprise boosts. (Boosts are bonus donations given to charities randomly drawn from the list of nominations.)

Additionally, Gate City Bank team members have contributed countless volunteer hours to nonprofits that play critical roles in our communities, and the Bank matches team members’ volunteer time with a donation to the charity. The Bank believes empowerment is what makes this giving possible.

“Seeing so much passion and support for regional charities is nothing short of inspiring,” says Amanda Torok, Senior Vice President of Culture at Gate City Bank. “Giving Hearts Day is testament to the goodness that is present in our communities, which is why the Bank empowers team members to give back each year.”

At the end of the day, the Bank recognizes that there’s something truly wonderful about a giving heart. It insists on putting others first, it inspires kindness and generosity – it brings out something better in all of us.

To learn more, visit GateCity.Bank/GivingHeartsDay

Matt’s Automotive Service Center

Matt's Automotive Service Center

It may be the first year Matt’s Automotive Service Center is coming aboard as a GHD partner, but the business is no stranger to charitable giving. Over the years, Matt’s Auto has continuously shown creative ways to give back to the community. Their acts of generosity range from free repairs for Ronald McDonald House residents to an annual Day of Service granting 10 individuals up to $2,000 worth of services on their vehicle. Currently, they are hosting a year-long food drive, offering a free oil change for every donated bag of non-perishable food items.

Being a new GHD partner, the business will be taking its charitable efforts to the next level, in hopes of further strengthening partnerships with both customers and local nonprofits. They are viewing this first year as a prime opportunity to ease into the excitement and build the framework for years to come. 

As an organization that is consistently finding opportunities to give, there couldn’t be a better year to join the Giving Hearts Day collection of business partners. In alignment with the annual fundraiser’s new push to help beyond just monetary donations, Matt’s Auto is demonstrating that there are countless ways to be a giver. 

Matt’s Automotive already exemplifies what it means to be a GHD business partner. Giving is not just an occasional formality to them. Simply put by WOW Director Latha Swenson, “It’s who we are.” 

A core value of Matt’s Auto is to be a pillar within the community. To them, this means building and maintaining relationships with those who play an integral role in their business. It also means making an influence that goes deeper than providing a service. Charitable giving is a vessel to give back to the community that supports them. 

There is an immense joy that comes with a new business joining the GHD crowd. This new beginning signifies an even greater multitude of impact ahead. Matt’s Auto has laid the groundwork to build on during their first GHD. Taking the opportunity to bolster that generosity is reflective of the program’s mindset that there is always a way to help someone one step further. By going that extra mile, Matt’s Automotive Service Center is securing their position as one of our community’s greatest, most durable pillars. 



In fulfillment of their core value to serve communities through their role as leaders and to volunteer their time and talents, VISIONBank has been an active GHD partner since its beginning in 2008. The organization’s involvement has been nothing short of commendable. 

They have managed to round up 100% employee participation across the board, with many options for them to do their part. Every employee is challenged to recruit two new people to share in the joy of giving. VISIONBank also hosts four Jeans Days leading up to GHD as a way to raise extra money for four nominated nonprofits. 

Probably their most notable contribution to GHD has been the cherished video contest. This creative competition gives nonprofits another platform to share their mission. All submissions are shared on a single platform for all to see. Then, viewers vote for their favorite video. The top three winners receive a donation from VISIONBank. It’s an exceptional way to spread awareness and channel greater contributions. 

VISIONBank’s participation is driven by the important role of nonprofits in our community. They see it as a chance to give back to the sources that strengthen our region and serve as voices for those in need. Partnering with GHD allows them to be more connected with these charities and the community itself.

This year, VISIONBank is most looking forward to seeing the unity of our region following the unexpected events of 2020. With the fundraiser’s continual growth, they are hopeful that this year will bring even more substantial aid to the backbone of our community, at a time when it is most needed. 

As an original Giving Hearts Day business partner, VISIONBank has seen that the impact of the fundraiser goes beyond just 24 hours. It supplements our region to be the strongest, kindest one possible, all year round. It proves that a single vision for change can go a long way.

Bell Bank

Bell Bank

Bell Bank has been a Giving Hearts Day business partner from the very beginning, which is fitting given that the GHD mission works cohesively with the Bell Bank mission to help people. Involvement in GHD is a source of pride for them, with their volunteering opportunities and Pay It Forward gifts. 

Pay It Forward has transformed into Bell Bank’s biggest initiative, where charitable giving is directed by employees. Full-time and part-time employees are given $1,000 or $500 respectively, which can be put towards individuals, families, or organizations in need. Many choose to use them on Giving Hearts Day, because they know the impact of their dollars will reach even further. Bell Bank also works closely with Impact Foundation to make the most of donor dollars and volunteer hours. Since 2008, over $18 million has been donated through Pay It Forward. 

One thing that keeps the organization committed year after year is the energizing quality that comes with making a difference. They find it in the humility that comes with seeing the tremendous need and also the growing unified front that steps in to answer the call. Having both servant hearts and leadership has brought about positive change for their collective team and those they serve. 

Bell Bank emphasizes that there are ways for every individual to contribute. Pay It Forward is a prime example of that. By putting the funds into the hands of employees, they each have the liberty to put it towards a cause that speaks to their own heart. It is reflective of just how inclusive GHD is, and it shows that every business has the capacity to join in. 

Not only does Pay It Forward give employees the freedom to fund causes that resonate with them, but it also opens their eyes to the needs around them in unexpected ways. Through their program, Bell Bank has seen one of the most compelling ways to understand the urgency of affliction. Their active engagement in passing along good deeds within the community is what makes our region one of the most generous.

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