Glen Stevens Jr. is Guiding Financials Through Faith

Written by: Brady Drake

Meet Glen Stevens Jr., pastor, business coach and mental fitness guy.

There are tons of options for business coaching out there. However, because of his unique life experiences, Glen Stevens can offer something most can’t.

With over 20 years of pastoral experience, Glen Stevens Jr., who does business as the Mental Fitness Guy, is a Positive Intelligence and Business Made Simple Certified Coach. He is capable of bringing discussions of faith into the business world like few others can. Let’s learn more!

What are the six pieces of the business framework?

Every business is like an airplane.

  • The cockpit of the plane is the leadership of the business.
  • The wings are the products and services that give your business lift.
  • The right engine of the plane is marketing. • The left engine is sales. The engines provide the thrust.
  • The body of the plane is your overhead, management, and execution. You want the body light and lean.
  • Your fuel tanks are the business’s finances and cash flow. And we all know what happens if a plane runs out of fuel!

I help business leaders evaluate those six parts of their airplane to discover the areas that are strong and also areas that might be weak. Where there are weaknesses, we attack them and make them strong so the business can fly farther and faster.


It seems like it’s very unique to include that faith component as part of your coaching. Is that all you do?

There are definitely people who highly value a faith-based perspective on all of life, including their business. That would describe me. As a business coach, I can help business leaders integrate faith and work. Not many other coaches can integrate these two as I can.

However, that’s really just one aspect of what I do. Another service I bring to the table is business frameworks. I am certified with Business Made Simple based in Nashville. That allows me to help business leaders address the six major components of any business.

The third element of my coaching is mental fitness. I help business leaders build their mental fitness to handle the challenges of business—and there are a lot of them.

According to Glen, a business is like an airplane. A plane has six main components and he is trying to help businesses develop each one.

BODY: Your overhead
FUEL TANKS: The business’s finances and cash flow
COCKPIT: The leadership of the business
WINGS: The products and services that give the business lift

Can you tell me more about the mental fitness component? That sounds very interesting.

What I have found is that many small business leaders know what they need to do. Unfortunately, they lack the mental fitness needed to execute their business plan. Instead, they continue to run into the same problems. The same self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors repeatedly get in their way. They don’t know how to build their mental fitness. No one has shown them how in a simple, practical way.

I coach them to build their mental fitness so they are able to face business and life challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset.

There are only three mental muscles, which is awesome because it keeps things simple. And there are very practical ways to build those mental muscles. Here’s what I call these three muscles:

The Saboteur Interceptor Muscle – A saboteur is a neural pathway that leads to negative ways of thinking. There are 10 Saboteurs and they trigger negative emotions that cause us to self-sabotage. They also negatively impact our mental well-being and relationships. You can think of them as the critical voices living in your head rent-free. They love to beat you up and slow you down. A strong Saboteur Interceptor Muscle empowers you to recognize your saboteurs quickly and then evict them. Which sets you up for greater success.

The Sage Muscle – The Sage Muscle allows you to build and strengthen neural pathways that access the regions of your brain where positive emotions and actions originate. The Sage Muscle has five powers: 1) your ability to show empathy and compassion to people; 2) your ability to be curious, ask great questions, and learn what’s really happening; 3) your ability to innovate with outside-the-box thinking; 4) to find meaning and purpose in what you’re doing; and, 5) the ability to take fearless, calm, clear-headed, laser-focused action that will propel your business and life forward.

The Self-Command Muscle – This muscle enables you to calm the regions of your brain where your saboteurs live and activate the regions of your brain where the sage powers are utilized. You build the Self-Command Muscle with simple and practical sensory perception exercises which can be done in short 10-second bursts. I provide people with an app that has daily workouts and additional mental exercises that they can use wherever they want.

In my coaching, I take clients through an eight-week Mental Fitness Accelerator program to get them in shape mentally. From there, I invite business leaders to keep building their mental fitness in ways that will help them grow their businesses. I’m really excited about the Online Mental Fitness Gym membership I’m launching later this year. It will combine the 8-week program, Business Made Simple frameworks and a supportive community of like-minded business leaders. This will allow me to serve many more small business leaders than I can right now.

Would it be fair to say the majority of your work focuses on the faith and mental fitness aspect of things?

Business leaders are extremely interested in mental fitness right now. I like to say, “Pour gasoline on what’s already burning.” For that reason, the majority of my work now starts with mental fitness. That leads to using Business Made Simple frameworks. If a client wants faith-based aspects of my coaching seamlessly integrated in, I’m delighted to provide that. In the future, most of my coaching clients will want to start by joining my Online Mental Fitness Gym because of the incredible value it provides by strengthening their mental fitness in a way that helps them grow their businesses faster without burning out.

That’s interesting. do you work with people who aren’t from a traditional Christian background as well?

Of course! If someone who isn’t a Christian wants to work with me, that’s great. I’m not going to push my beliefs on anyone. I’m going to be the best business coach and mental fitness coach I can be to serve them. I will offer to pray for them if they’d appreciate that. All that said, I’m not ashamed to say my main target is faith-based small business leaders.

What is Positive Intelligence?

Positive Intelligence (also called Mental Fitness) is based on extensive research in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology, and performance science and helps individuals strengthen their mental toughness.
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