Face Of Lumen Master: Tom Enright, GoodBulb

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Light bulbs might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of changing the world—but that’s what light bulb expert Tom Enright and his company GoodBulb have set out to do. Tom started selling light bulbs door-to-door in Chicago in 2001, a passion that evolved into launching an e-commerce light bulb store in 2015. As a business owner, Tom felt a pull to take lighting to the next level and use sales to make a difference in the world. GoodBulb was born with a simple mission: Be Good.

Today, GoodBulb is guided by three principles: good savings, good education, and good causes. Tom uses his 20 years of experience in lighting to design and manufacture GoodBulb’s own energy-efficient LEDs, fixtures, and ballasts for commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Tom has trained a team of worldclass lighting specialists known as the Lumen Masters, who help customers from around the country find the best light, reduce energy consumption, and simply make their business look fantastic.

As for good causes, that’s one of Tom’s favorite parts of the GoodBulb mission; they use light bulbs to help bring light to places without electricity. One in seven people do not have access to electricity–that’s 1.2 billion people. GoodBulb has donated money and lanterns to families around the world to provide clean and healthy lighting to rural communities. In 2018, Tom visited 11 villages in Uganda and impacted 15,000 people, physically handing out GoodBulb solar lanterns to each family. “We’re using light
to make a difference,” Enright said. “At GoodBulb, when you buy a light, you can be a light.”


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