Face Of Baseball: Andrew Herian, SCHEELS

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Andrew Herian has been a SCHEELS Expert for 11 years and has done everything from operating the Ferris Wheel to helping in the events office. Herian first became passionate about baseball as a kid when he would help out as the batboy for his dad’s town leagues. Now he’s the dad playing town ball while his son is kickstarting his baseball career. Being a SCHEELS Expert means sharing that same passion with customers, and for Herian, that means asking the customer the right questions, which in turn helps find the best options that will lead to having the best and most successful experience for the customer.

“When you’re working with a SCHEELS expert, There is a good chance you will– or already have–run into one of us on the field, in the batting cages, or in the stands,” says Herian. He believes that is what sets SCHEELS apart from other retailers; it’s not just somebody that knows about the products they’re selling, it’s somebody that is an avid user of the products as well. Speaking of products, Herian is excited about the new styles of premium gloves that debut each year. Brands like Rawlings and Wilson release eye-catching color schemes, with sleek materials and styles.

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