Face Of Guns: Leon Streifel, SCHEELS

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Leon Streifel has been a SCHEELS Expert for 33 years, helping hunters find the best firearms with SCHEELS’ wide selection of rifles, muzzleloaders, handguns, and more. Streifel’s passion for firearms began on the family farm where he grew up hunting with his family. There are a number of reasons why Streifel has loved being a SCHEELS expert for over 30 years, but one aspect that stands out is the brand and customer support: “We stand by our product and service,” says Streifel, who has been with SCHEELS since 1988.

Additionally, Streifel is thrilled about SCHEELS’ fast-growing online presence and the ability for customers to receive that same quality service and support while shopping online: “It is great that customers can receive help in our stores from experts and now can get help with questions from experts on SCHEELS.com,” says Streifel. “It is opening a whole new market for us!” Streifel believes SCHEELS provides a unique experience to customers that not only makes them happy but brings them back again and again: “Customers will tell their friends and family, who will then shop here also,” says Streifel. “We have the resources to give them a shopping experience they can’t get anywhere else!”

Scheels’ All Sports

1551 45th St S

Fargo, ND 58103



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