Downtown Corporate Housing Could Be Your Competitive Advantage in the Race for Talent

Written by: Josiah Kopp
At Centric Management, corporate units are fully furnished and equipped. This means all furniture, kitchen appliances, plates, cutlery, cookware, towels, bathroom accessories, bedding, and everything a resident would need to live comfortably is ready and available.

The region surrounding the Red River Valley is experiencing fast economic growth and offers a high quality of life for its residents. At the heart of this expansion is work.

A recent regional housing study conducted by the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments found that with the addition of nearly 23,000 jobs over the last 10 years and with an unemployment rate just below 3%, the metro is an attractive destination for those seeking a new place to call home.

As people look to relocate, they are encountering a limited supply of housing options available in the region.

Ranked among the top five most important factors impacting an employee’s choice to move to a community, it is safe to say housing significantly impacts employee retention and recruitment.

Instead of losing top talent to other cities, Fargo-Moorhead employers can compete by including corporate housing in their equation for the successful recruitment and relocation of new employees.

Corporate housing comes in all shapes and sizes but most options meet high standards for space, furnishings, security, and overall quality.

But what else differentiates corporate housing from a short-term stay elsewhere? Centric Management believes it is the culture and sense of community created by having employees live in a walkable district, with easy access to entertainment, amenity spaces, and community gatherings.

Bailey Johnsrud, Property Administrator for Centric Management, shares that Centric’s clients choose downtown Fargo properties for their corporate housing needs because of the additional neighborhood features only steps from the front doors of their employees.

“At our buildings, we work closely with employer groups to ensure their employees feel a sense of belonging and are at home in our units. We take special care to understand their needs as well as create experiences where they want to come out and meet other people. We encourage them to attend events in Broadway Square or other venues that are just a quick walk from their homes or use the property’s community spaces to host game nights and more.”

People using corporate housing live and work in our community, and they want to be active participants and contributors to the local economy. Offering them a temporary but ready and comfortable “home away from home” could be a critical component when weighing new work locations. One of Centric’s newest residents said employer-provided housing at Mercantile made relocating seamless, so they were able to jump right into integrating themselves into their new home.

“My family loves being in the Mercantile property. We are centrally located to everything and I love that we can be around people I work with or the community by just stepping outside our door instead of isolated from people.”

For those vying for the best talent in their industry, corporate housing can create a more robust recruiting effort by giving employers a competitive advantage.

Don’t miss out on this critical component for successful recruitment and employee satisfaction.

Contact Centric Management to have our team create a custom corporate housing proposal to meet your team’s needs.

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Josiah is an Editor and Photographer at Spotlight Media in Fargo.