Women You Should Know: Paige Breidenbach

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Owner and Interior Designer at Mosaic Interior Design

Buildings Her Own Mosaic; Fargo Woman Redefining Local Interior Design

“If the opportunity presents itself, you can’t be afraid to take a leap,” says Paige Breidenbach, Owner and Interior Designer at Mosaic Interior Design.

Paige knew she’d own a design-and-build business one day, she just didn’t quite expect it to happen so soon at age 25. “It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but there’s no growth in comfort.”

Paige and her fiancé, Nicholas Perez, purchased Mosaic Interior Design earlier this year and have continued to develop the brand into a full-service, customer-focused design firm. From 90-minute in-home consultations to start-to-finish project management, Mosaic is transforming into a one-stop shop for highly personalized commercial and residential design. Now, this entrepreneur is focused on building her portfolio and reputation as a designer and business owner.

Blended Aesthetic

While she inherited the name Mosaic, there’s no better description for the unique perspective Paige brings to the local design community. Her resume is impressive. She is a graduate of NDSU’s CIDA Accredited Interior Design program and has a minor in Entrepreneurship. While in college, she had an internship with a design firm in Florida. Once she graduated, she worked for Trever Hill Design and most recently with Melanie Iverson, former owner of Mosaic Design and Build. Paige’s aesthetic pulls together elements from these experiences to create a one-of-a-kind design tailored to her clients.

Paige admits she enjoys residential projects a little more because of the close connection she’s able to form with clients.

“Not every profession comes with the opportunity to directly impact people’s lives,” Paige said. “Home is a valuable and sacred space. It’s where we feel safe and make our best memories. As a designer, I give people a space that reflects their aesthetic in an elevated, cohesive way that truly feels like home.”

In addition to building Mosaic’s portfolio, she and Nicholas are currently renovating their own home. Going through this process themselves allows them to relate and connect with renovation clientele in a special way that many people can’t.

“That HGTV moment is what many people imagine when you talk about interior design,” Paige said. “I love being there for the reveal when the client sees the final product. That being said, the little moments are just as impactful. For example, finding the perfect table for a family with little ones that is both stylish, yet practical and safe. Most people don’t realize interior design is everything from full renovation, like we see on TV, to helping someone restyle their space for an important event. Each project comes with its own moments.”

Being the Boss

Paige credits her mentors, Trever Hill and Melanie Iverson, with providing her with a solid foundation as a new business owner. “Learning under both of them has really opened up my eyes to what I want my brand and business model to be. Their varying design styles have expanded my knowledge and skill to curate beautiful spaces for clients of all aesthetics. Their continued support through this transition says a lot about the inclusive design community in Fargo.”

Paige stands with her, Co-Owner, teammate, and fiancé Nicholas Perez

Designing her own future

Business ownership might not have been on Paige and Nicholas’ to-do list this year, but they are embracing the opportunity.

“You have to be ready to leap when the moment arrives, even if the timing isn’t expected,” she said. “If you know you can achieve something and believe in yourself, you don’t have to listen to the people who tell you to wait till you’re older or until you’re settled. Be confident in what you know. Evaluate your situation. Make an informed choice based on your current resources. Surround yourself with people that see your talent and support your dream. Success is a result of experience, not age.”

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