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Written by: Brady Drake

Ashley Nowacki, Owner, Jade + Jasper Boutique

When it comes to fashion, the word “trending” is a buzzword that creates unnecessary mental parameters for one to follow. We want to follow trends, but not appear like we’re trying too hard. Much like working in an office, fashion has a few rules that shouldn’t be broken. However, your outfit can be a powerful tool for expressing individuality both in and out of the workplace, and the dress code shouldn’t come with quite as many rules as the company handbook.

Just as the working world has changed in the past couple of years, so have the expectations around workplace fashion. In a few short years, we’ve moved from the majority of us working in an office surrounded by co-workers and sitting in stuffy business meetings, to functioning in a much more lax and convenient, work-from-home, or work-from-anywhere environment. Trends for professional attire have followed suit, and have opened up to a more flexible standard when it comes to business fashion. Here are some summer trends, and tips for trying them.

1. Bright, Bold Colors

A major shift we are seeing in the fashion world is the re-introduction of color. In recent years, many of us flocked to a colorless, neutral-chic wardrobe. Social influencers and celebrities have shared countless outfit inspiration photos full of nothing but beige, tan, and creamy whites, completely lacking color.

The trends we are seeing for summer ‘23 and beyond are the opposite: completely full of color, and the brighter the better. We’ve spent so much time erasing it from our closets that we are now longing for the colors that we haven’t seen since many of our parents wore them in the 80s. Bright pink, fuschia, orange, and even neon green are making a huge comeback.

Want to try this trend? An easy way to sneak a pop of color into your professional style is to add it through statement pieces. Start with a bold blouse in a bright hue, or with an oversized colorful blazer layered over a simple white tank for a look that is playful, yet professional.

2. Blazers Are A Must

Speaking of blazers, this trend is one that we don’t see disappearing any time soon. The great news is that blazers are no longer viewed as stuffy or only for execs. They don’t have to contain shoulder pads and appear rigid like they used to. Today’s blazer rides the fashion line between professional and casual wear, and we are here for it. There are so many ways to style blazers that they really are an investment.

If your wardrobe needs a refresh, start by purchasing just two blazers. One in a classic tailored style that is neutral in color, and one that is more modern and fun. A chic tan or ivory blazer is a piece that you can wear for years to come, and might be worth spending a little more money on. On the other hand, an oversized, colorful blazer is fashionable at the moment, but might not be worn forever. It’s still worth buying because it can be paired with dressier tops for work, or repurposed for casual wear when worn with a graphic tee and jeans. There really is no right or wrong way to experiment with this trend!

4. The Power of Basics

Everyone’s closet should include a few basic tees and tanks in neutral colors. These pieces can be mixed in with other staple items to create multiple outfits. For example, a crisp white is elevated when paired with a blazer. Create a pulled-together look by combining a high-quality, basic tank with a pair of wide-leg pants or maxi skirt and denim jacket. Bodysuits are also on trend, and come in a variety of sleeve lengths, fabrics, and colors. They create a sleek look that is perfect for layering under all of your blazers. By investing in a few key pieces you’ll be well on your way to a professional capsule wardrobe.

5. Say Yes to Denim

Denim in the office? Umm, yes! Long gone are the days when wearing jeans in the workplace is a no-no. If you can work from your kitchen table or a corner coffee shop, why can’t you wear jeans? You totally can. Denim trends have shifted to an almost “anything goes” state. Meaning jeans of all cuts, washes, and styles are currently out there for you to find, purchase, and wear. Currently most popular are wide-leg and relaxed-fit jeans. Mom jeans, dad jeans, boyfriend jeans…they come with several names, but the perfect cut is out there if you’re willing to do the leg work.

A non-distressed, wide-leg pair of denim can present an almost professionally tailored appearance, and can certainly pass for business casual. Simply pair them with a dressed-up top or power blazer. The point is, don’t be afraid to mix denim into your workwear. We are ready for jeans to move beyond casual Fridays!

6. RockThe Modern Pantsuit

If you really want to stand out at the office, or in an interview, the business power suit is a definite must try. “Sets” of all kinds have been popular since the pandemic, and from lounge sets to suit sets, the options are endless. The latest twist on a set is to combine comfort and style with a blazer and matching pants (or shorts) for a cohesive look. You can try a suit set in a neutral palette or go all in with a bold color. Either way, you’re sure to feel and look confident rocking a suit set.

Are you ready to try some of the latest business fashion trends? If you’re doing a complete closet overhaul, start by creating inspo boards on Pinterest or Instagram and use them as a vision board to shop from. It is always wise to try before you buy, and shop around for what suits you and your personal style. Stop by your favorite local shop to try on, and don’t be afraid to ask a stylist for help

No matter what, have fun with what you wear!

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