Top Ten Tips for Recruitment with Marvin

Written by: Brady Drake

Headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota, Marvin has over 7,000 employees across North America, which makes them the perfect company to tell us how to get people in the door!

1. Promote Employee Referrals

When looking to hire new talent, tapping into the networks of existing employees is a great way to start. I love using the phrase “everyone is a recruiter” because truly, they are! We often find that we know someone or a friend of a friend who could be a great fit, and the word spreads. At Marvin, employee referrals are our number one source of new hires and we’ve taken it a step further to implement an incentive program.

2. Offer a Top-Notch Candidate Experience

There is nothing worse than going through a lengthy interviewing process that takes several interview rounds to be hired or declined, with little to no communication in between. When the candidate experience is designed with the candidate in mind, it provides a positive experience and sets the stage for how they feel about continuing to pursue the company. Remember, it’s a two-way street. Candidates are also interviewing the company and may share their experiences with others.

3. Use Innovative Tools

As the old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder.” There are many different tools to help improve recruitment. One tool I like to use is Textio, which helps write job posts quickly and takes out any social bias to make it more inclusive and compelling. Another tool is Calendly, which helps schedule interviews. I use Calendly for pre-screening. It allows candidates to find a time that works best for them based on my availability. Both of these tools help me streamline my work so I can focus on other important tasks.

4. Early Outreach and Engagement

There are many advantages to hiring early talent, and I think sometimes it’s easy to miss the mark with this. “Early talent” consists of individuals starting out in their careers, with professional experience that could range from 0-3 years. Being proactive and connecting with our future workforce is a key element to building a pipeline and your brand. Build strong partnerships within your community, colleges, and universities by speaking to classes, attending career fairs, and hosting events. Marvin provides hands-on training for people who are new to manufacturing and are interested in pursuing a career within the industry.

5. Pursue and Embrace Diversity

Seek out top talent while having a robust process in place that’s free from bias and supports a sense of belonging. Hiring candidates with diverse backgrounds, including diverse capabilities, brings a variety of perspectives into the organization and helps build the future. Diverse teams help companies be more successful and provide opportunities for creativity and innovation.

6. Ask Thoughtful Questions

Rather than going through the motions, have a set of meaningful questions on hand and be sure they aren’t repetitive. Interviewing candidates shouldn’t be intimidating, boring and basic. You will see candidates drop off the list quickly and interviewing candidates also gives them a sense of how the culture is at the company. Ask questions to ensure they meet the qualifications listed for the opportunity and focus on open-ended questions. Do more listening than talking, and truly get to know them and their aspirations!

7. Explore Remote/Hybrid Work Arrangements

Since the pandemic forced many employers to accommodate remote work, it has provided a new opportunity to explore these working arrangements indefinitely. Candidates I connect with express a desire for flexibility with a remote or hybrid approach when considering an opportunity where the position allows for it. It may fit their lifestyle better, provides flexibility, and at the end of the day promotes overall job satisfaction. I challenge employers to think differently about these considerations and put in place clear and realistic expectations because I don’t think these requests are going away. It’s important to consider: does an office position truly need to work onsite five days a week or could you accommodate a hybrid model?

8. Plan Ahead

We can easily get distracted and pulled into many different directions at any given moment. But when it comes to recruitment, you have to move quickly for many reasons. We can’t just wait for that shiny purple unicorn to show up. To stay focused and be intentional with your time, be sure to block off dedicated time throughout the day and week to consistently do recruitment activities, such as sourcing and reviewing applicants, interviewing and communicating with candidates and hiring managers. This may seem simple, but by planning it out you will be more productive. Shield your time but be flexible when needed.

Recommended Tools

Textio – a software that helps you optimize job posts, emails, social posts and more with “data-driven inclusion guidance.”

Calendly – a scheduling platform that eliminates all the back and forth of trying to find a mutual time to meet

9. Provide Clear Timelines

It should always be best practice to be upfront with candidates about the interviewing process and timelines. his will open the discussion up for the candidate to share any personal time off, business travel, etc. that may impact the next steps. Communicate as often as you can with the candidate, even if there isn’t much of an update. They will appreciate your efforts and consistent communication and it will leave a positive impact even if they don’t get an offer. It’s important to never leave a candidate hanging or “ghost” them.

10. Consider Previous Candidates

Even when a candidate doesn’t get offered a position, make sure to provide honest feedback and acknowledge the time invested. Show empathy as it can be exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming for the candidate. Perhaps they might be a fit for another position within the team or company. Marvin has several locations nationally and is continuing to grow, so we work hard as a team to find the right fit and share candidates throughout the organization. Consider all options before declining and keep communication open for any future opportunities within the company as this helps fill the pipeline and builds a great reputation.

Think Differently!

As recruiters, we must think differently in order to stay competitive in our tight labor market. If a recruitment strategy isn’t working, that’s okay… it may be time to try something else. There are so many ways to recruit candidates, don’t overthink and be willing to give something new a try and monitor the outcome. One of many reasons why I enjoy working at Marvin is that we are encouraged to “think differently” and try new things, even if we fail. Be resourceful and keep challenging yourself on how things can be done differently and be a trailblazer! My favorite way to get inspiration is working from a local coffee shop and jotting down all my ideas with no limits.

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